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   Men and women look at married life in a different way, each has requirements and wishes, as different feelings and emotions, and of course the sex life of the man represents a very important part of his marriage.

In the intimacy there are several things it does not differ all the men they want from their wives, so enjoy and feel happy about it.

Offers you the most important things of your life magazine wanted man during intimacy that does not reveal them.

– Teasing:

The man thinks in a sexual relationship almost every seven minutes, likes to be exciting partner, and active citizenship, he does not want to marry a woman with a cold.

– Odor :

The man likes to take care of his wife, including worn for him, is also interested in the smell of the fragrance, which will be inhaled when approaching them.

– the games:

Some men like to practice marital Games with their partners during the relationship.

– Dim light:

Some of them tend to practice the sexual relationship in the dim light, so do not see a lot of flaws in his partner while he approached them.

– Oral Sex:

Enticing men to do oral sex, even if for a short time, but that it makes him feel more happiness and excitement.

– Sense of touch :

All of the men prefer to see their partners It uses the sense of touch and touch different parts of her body in a way raised and moved his desires and instincts.

– Expression of love:

Men like women, even if it seemed a rigid feelings, he likes to feel his love for his wife during the relationship, there is no Do not be a miser him to express this love.

– petulance:

The man Alarming women that you see the relationship does not like the duty it done, but she loves the character that are fun, smiling and generally do not dress that has some throwing Comics during its presence with him.

– Communication:

Communication is important for men to consider whether or even words, he likes to close her eyes and see her partner but prefers to speak with his wife Baenaha and tells him she is grateful for its existence with it and enjoying it.
The man likes to initiate women is a request from the relationship and also do a quick relations while watching television or even bathing.

– Control of the relationship:

Although the man likes to be constipated reins of things everything, does not he sometimes prefers that women take control during the relationship and the initiative is to carry out all the steps.

– Wife’s consent:

Consent of the wife about the relationship of more things that make a man feel happiness and satisfaction with himself, and will serve as a motivation to him to try to make him happy every time to be with him, as to please her is insatiable ego and increases self-confidence.

 – Talk in the relationship

It’s fun for the man after the relationship to talk with his wife, for example, and remember fun times had by eliminating together.

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