Discover the effect of hair dye during pregnancy on the fetus


      Modern scientific studies differ in the extent of the direct effect of hair dyes consisting of chemicals on the health of the fetus during the gestation period of the mother, there are those who confirm their impact on the health of the fetus or injury defects or minor health effects, and there are studies it denies this, although all studies of pregnant women are advised not to use these dyes during pregnancy, especially in the early months of pregnancy, because of their negative effects on the pregnant mother being include chemicals, or even a consequent vulnerability of the fetus in one way or another.

     _ Here we review the summary of the most important of those studies and different:

    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the hair dyes is probably safe for use during pregnancy, as it is a fraction of the chemicals found sympathetically through skin absorption, but advised caution that the use of the dye in the first three months of pregnancy, as some tints fumes, inhaling these fumes can be harmful to the fetus, and also some dyes contain ammonia, which has a strong chemical fumes.


    According to some other studies, the use of chemicals during the first months of pregnancy may be dangerous to pregnant and displays them on abortion, or increased nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

 As the drugs used in the dye her pungent smell may feel pregnant severe dizziness and lead to a drop in pressure.

   There are some studies that confirm that the dye for hair medications may cause bleeding of the holder, and some studies denies this and says it has no effect.


  They know that a woman’s body is exposed to a lot of changes during pregnancy, and these changes affect her scalp since become her hair weak and fast precipitation, and says some of the studies in this context that the dyeing may not only hurt the poetry of pregnant women, but may be hurt as well as the fetus, which could affected by the chemicals they contain Abbagat, Vqaibd fetus and kidneys Tkonan is mature so his body will not be able to protect itself from toxins that would be a source of dye.

  The study suggests that the appearance of the dyed hair may cause some concern, because the hormonal changes may lead to hair interaction in a different way during pregnancy, leaving Luna insipid, it is important that pregnant women feel confident in oneself during pregnancy, and you have the mother, O think of the matter , whether to do coloring your hair makes you feel uncomfortable, or cause you unnecessary anxiety over the nine months.

   Experts in the study are advised to resort to other alternatives to full dyeing, such as lightening the color of some wisps known as “Hai Whiting,” or emery hair.   

  The body absorbs the coloring material through the skin “scalp”, and not through the hair parties.

  Therefore, any process, such as coloring some wisps that reduce contact with chemicals directly to the scalp, in turn, ease of exposure to compounds that contain the dye.

  Also recommend the use of vegetable dyes as a good alternative to synthetic chemical compounds during pregnancy, such as henna, which is completely safe, although it does not receive the desirability of all women of color gradients that it places on their hair.



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