Diarrhea causes and methods of treatment of nature


    Diarrhea is a need for man to go to the bathroom constantly where spending needs with more than 200 grams per day and vary the quality of the stool between the mucous and purulent and bloody and it is due to a problem in the intestines and when prolonged diarrhea period to frequently for four weeks it is considered chronic diarrhea.

The types of diarrhea, diarrhea endocrine secretion of salts and water are in it directly to the intestines and into the outside of the body in the output process.

And often have severe diarrhea is associated with some side effects as the existence of blood and saliva or food have not been fully digested in addition to weight loss and fever.

We offer you in this article, the most important causes of diarrhea and methods of treatment.

– Apple: 

Considered a plum, apple, guava, oats, fennel, sulfur of foods and herbs that address diarrhea can use apples to treat chronic diarrhea because it contains iron element for two or three when the healing can reduce the quantity can also be addressed also for children who suffer from chronic diarrhea blossom only national Berh fruit or two, and then feeding them to your child.

– Licorice:

You can crushed 40 grams of licorice in addition to the crushing 40 grams of sulfur blossom as well as fennel and sugar plant and then we conflating together and eating one tablespoon each night to lubricate the intestines.

– Honey:

It can also adopt the honey in the treatment of diarrhea as it contains many benefits of honey, and also eat yogurt, which moisturizes the stomach and calming the digestive system and the elimination of bacteria, keep eating toast to get rid of diarrhea.

Causes of diarrhea:

– Exposure to viruses cause severe diarrhea.

– Eating contaminated food, which contains many bacteria and parasites or contaminated water is the common bacteria that causes diarrhea Salmonella

– Eating too much medicine vital Such as antibiotics which lead to a disruption in the normal balance of bacteria in the intestines.

– Eating milk and dairy products that contain lactose causes diarrhea where it is difficult for some to digest it so it causes them to happen diarrhea.

– Diarrhea indication that there is something bowel makes the water closer to the body, such as sorbitol found in sugar-free candy as a substitute for sugar and these sweeteners are also the glue that is difficult for the gym absorbed so directs water to the intestine directly resulting in occurrence of diarrhea containing .

Which is called diarrhea endocrine that we mentioned earlier and who also works on the occurrence of injury to certain infections and taking certain drugs and other greenhouse cases of this type of diarrhea is the presence of blood in stool from diarrhea where this type of diarrhea occurs in the case of diseases and infections of the bowel as a disease signs ulcerative colitis.

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