Diabetes drug “Metformin” prove effective in the fight against cancer


     Accompanied by the use of drugs is usually some undesirable side effects, such as stomach upset, headaches and the inability to operate heavy machinery, but one of the drugs used to treat diabetes showed a side impact, a very positive, it helps to fight cancer.

The researchers noted that diabetic patients treated diabetes drug called metformin were enjoying greater chance to recover from head and neck cancer, more than patients without diabetes.

Over the study lasted three years, the details published in the journal ‘The Aranjuskob “” The Laryngoscope, “the researchers looked at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University this side effect spontaneous in detail and reached a lot of information on the biological effect of metformin on cancer cells .

The researchers conducted tests on cancer cells when 39 patients with non-diabetic patients, before and after giving them metformin doses equal to half of what is usually given to patients with diabetes.

The researchers observed two things during their search for molecular signs of cell death and changes in the metabolic pathways of cancer cells, which may make the cells more vulnerable to treatment Model.

The first thing is that the patients showed a marked increase in tumor cell death, or “apoptosis”

Second, fibroblasts supporting cancer showed – the cells surrounding the cancer – signs of damage, which reduced their ability to help cancer cells to grow and move on.

It seems that metformin affects the tracks on which they depend tumor cells to generate the energy needed for growth. At the same time, lead to a change micro environment of the cancer “and surrounding him directly.”

Says first author Joseph Carey: Due to the need of many tumors to grow quickly power up, the obstruction power paths have made this type of cancer more vulnerable to typical treatments.

  Great latent potential

Use of metformin to treat diabetes for a long time. It is generally easy to medication tolerances and has a long record of safe use. In addition to that it is less toxic than the most widely used cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, for example, it did not show any undesirable side effects on most of the patients who received metformin in this study, as well as the few side effects that emerged was considered weak, such as intestinal disorders.

Explains co-author Maddalena Tolok: This study shows that metformin – safe doses completely or less than the doses that are offered for diabetics equal – affect the cancers of the head and neck, and changes the biology in the head and neck tumors way as to make the eradication of cancer in most cases is easy. Disrupts metformin most effective methods used by the cancer to generate the growth needed for energy, disrupts his support system.

Sure, that the search had to witness the establishment successful, as demonstrated by these clinical trials. But we have a long road before they are approved for use on the general level of metformin as a cancer treatment, “and not for diabetes.”

The author says President Ubaldo Martinez-Ootescurn: This study is the first step to study the effect of metformin on head and neck tumors, and we are excited because this may provide an opportunity to patients to improve their results and few side effects.
He adds: In the next step, we’ll examine these doses of metformin in the second phase of clinical trials of a larger number of patients

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