Delicious round of international menu options McDonald’s

    Road America hikers can count on McDonald’s to provide a familiar, predictable meal for weary travelers highway. East or west, you can count on a Big Mac or chicken McNuggets to fight belly grumbling. But if your vacation plans take you to international destinations, it was a meal predictable before stepping on the plane can become a culture shock to the system. We collected some meal options you the most interesting you can expect when you eat at the golden arches outside.

McDonald gave con Nutella Sweety in Italy, a flesh “hamburger” with Nutella also served.

South Korea
You can get your fix Kourou in McDonald’s in South Korea with a fried pastry coated with sugar.

Japanese McDonald’s wants customers to do some work with Chaka Chaka chicken: fried chicken place pieces in a paper bag, add your choice of spices (red pepper, lemon, or cheese), and shake it to bite delicious.

Guatemala and Mexico
And pay de queso, or pie Kazuo, is a popular launch at McDonald’s in Guatemala and Mexico.

Helado pie from McDonald’s in Uruguay pie filled with dulce de leche and topped with vanilla ice cream.

McDonald’s in Singapore has hurricane fries, curly fries version.

Order your fries and poutine in Canada, and it will come topped with gravy and cheese curds.

Holland (The Netherlands)
And croquette potatoes stuffed with beef, a popular dish in the Netherlands, located in the center of the cake and McKroket’s.

Belgium and France
If you like creamy cheesiness of Crook Museo, then try Crook McDo, filled with ham and two slices of cheese, Emmentaler. In Belgium, polishing it off with Belgian beer.

In addition to McDonald’s apple pie famous Chinese restaurants serving pies stuffed with sweet taro.

Sidle up to B McDonald’s in Mexico, which could have McMollete: English muffins topped with beans, melted cheese, and pico de gallo.

In Cyprus, and the Greek Mac is basically a Big Mac in beta, drizzled with tzatziki sauce.

While it’s no longer available, Germany, McDonald’s has a history of crowd sources menu item ideas like Pretzelnator, Patty beef located in salted cake topped with bacon, lettuce, onion, mayonnaise, American and Italian cheese. For those who love McRib elusive, you can find them year round in the German McDonald’s restaurants.

Ham and cheese McToast is offering popular in Greece and several other European countries.

India’s famous cheese paneer constitute the meaty part of the McDonald’s wrap this.

Hong Kong
Kao burger fan in Hong Kong serves up fried chicken patty in a bun made from rice.

Although not known as McDonald’s fare for its Italian restaurants in the Philippines are not afraid to provide McSpaghetti.

Indonesia and Malaysia
Want something fast and comfortable while in Indonesia? Order up a bowl of Buryam: rice porridge with chicken and chips fried.

Il Mac may sit on the desktop in Italy, but it’s not a computer. These sandwiches McDonald’s has a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and embraced by the ciabatta roll.

The United Arab Emirates
In the Middle East, sink your teeth into McArabia sandwich wrapped in flat bread different take on McDonald’s grilled chicken.

South Korea
Known in the meat seasoned beef wonderful country, it makes sense to offer South Korea Bulgolgi McDonald’s burger.

In addition to your fried potatoes, for what up shrimp burger with a side of corn soup in Taiwan.

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