Cosmetics natural-types-components cosmetics-natural cosmetics

Cosmetics natural-types-components cosmetics-natural cosmetics



    Largely due to the large demand for them as well as it is easier for the procurement of those who want to search
For the appropriate cosmetics for the face and skin, for example, or any private parts of the body

  •    Definition of Cosmetics

Are substances that are used in the cosmetics industry, creams or lotion or shampoos, whether corporate or not work at home, such as masks and mixtures such as natural oils and honey

  •     Types of cosmetics

      _   Natural cosmetics

      _Chemical Cosmetics

The quality cosmetics depending on the purpose to be used with

  •       What are the things that depend on them cosmetics industry:

    _ Treat skin problems
    _ Maintaining the freshness and vitality of the skin

     _ There combining Monday types

     _Product and places selling products price affect the quality of natural materials in some cases

  •        Where natural cosmetics exist:

More natural materials used in the process of manufacture of cosmetics made through natural plants such as olives, honey, cactuses and many other plants and is the work of certain types of amounts of these substances and do several tests to determine the efficiency of the materials used and to avoid the damage that may be caused by this, whether material in the case of use the duration of the short or large periods

  •    You can manufacturing cosmetics House:

    Any individual at home manufacturing Statistics its own cosmetics through a simple scientific methods are assembled with each other to work blends or natural masks for the body and skin, hair, and we will explain it later

  • Components of natural cosmetics
    For many special cosmetic process materials vary from one type of product to another type for example, Koran contains material not containing them shampoos or lotion or skin cleaners, and so on, but most lotions stationed find a way to use you explain your dermatologist specialist These cosmetics

    Kojic acid


    Some plants extract

    And we will explain later on all of these topics in materials for their own benefit everyone

  • Is the body has a natural cosmetics:
    The body in general and in particular the skin contains natural substances to preserve the freshness and vitality of the skin in some cases we call the natural skin moisturizers existing factors including

    Water, which is the basis of freshness to the skin

    Types of fat

  • Are you chose natural materials or manufacturing materials

    The idea here is different, there are people who prefer home cosmetics and there are others who prefer lotions made from natural materials, but by the companies and because it some companies are specialty items to treat some skin diseases and not only just to maintain freshness

  • To choose cosmetic material things I need to know

    Amount that they use on the skin and error here could cause a big problem in some cases

    Not knowing people’s interest and damage some materials

    In all, be natural materials at home or contained in cosmetics are important for all people to maintain a good skin, either in terms of young people or even older



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