Constipation causes and treatment methods of nature


    Suffering from constipation adults and children and the definition of constipation is the inability to take out the waste for more than two days and usually vary case of output from one person to another there are those who come out once a day and there are those who come out two or three every two days, and so on.

Interpretation of constipation from person to person and is worth mentioning that differs severe constipation it shows a certain period in cases of fever and high temperatures, where the patient loses appetite resulting in injury constipated.

There is also called chronic constipation and it is difficult for the patient to defecate due to the amount of stool formed and this happens in cases of anorexia or fasting or lack of fluids in the body.

 Also it is known as gripping as one of the disorders suffered by the digestive tract, a condition in which the stool dry and thick or tough it out when accompanied by pain and the main cause of constipation is a lack of water or eating foods do not contain sufficient quantities of water.

Stool stay for a long time are allowed inside the rectum of the gut absorption of water inside the waste resulting stools accompanied by severe pain.

– The causes of constipation:

– Blockage of the colon and tube due to malignancy or benign.

– A tumor in the colon.

– Hernia of the anus.

– Spasm of the colon.

– Inflammation of the gall bladder.

– Appendix.

– Hemorrhoids.

– psychological reasons.

Man and can help himself in the treatment of constipation, by a simple adjustment in his eating and his lifestyle system and change it if you consult a specialist doctor did not happen.

– Methods for the treatment of constipation:

– Dietary fiber, where they raise the water level in the human body and destroys the bacteria associated with feces, resulting in a reduction in intestinal transit time and not being able to absorb the water in faeces. ( stool)

– Use materials softened.

– Exercise and working to soften the muscles of the colon and thus get rid of constipation.

– Where coffee contain caffeine stimulant for the digestive system you drink a cup or two of coffee to eliminate constipation but do not overdo addressed.

– Adoption of olive oil and drank a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning after waking up directly helps in getting rid of constipation and can be mixed with some lemon juice to ease its flavor.

– Eating molasses considered molasses field of magnesium, iron, and a lot of minerals and vitamins so you can take a spoonful or two a day for the treatment of constipation.

– Lemon it contains citric acid, which stimulates the digestive tract of toxins expelled as well as non-digested material and accumulated a very colon.

– Surgeries and so be in a difficult and delayed cases where surgery is being  partial cut of the colon in difficult situations to allow craps.

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