Citations famous in public relationship


Citations famous in public relationship

   Must for the success of every person in his life and work of his success in public relations, if the relationships successful and complex are in fact reflect the degree of success and the strength of this success, we should always “my friend making sure every care to the success of your relationships with others, here brought you some of the best famous words in the field of relations.


 The first argument: (not your friend secretly “and Amdha in front of others)

   It is a saying global Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci, which is a very nice base “in the relationship in order to maintain a friendship with the others, and if I saw that he was wrong about something, keep his dignity in front of people, and advise him or his face in private.

 The second argument: this argument coming to you from China, where he says a Odbaiha and named Otsu Taaotih King:

  (Learner is known a lot “from the others, and the smartphone is the same understanding of, and strong is out of control in others, but it is the strongest of Possession reins)

 The third argument: Literature for dialogue where it says American writer Dorothy Neville:

 (Literature dialogue is not to say the right words at the right time, but also a “silent about the speech is not appropriate in a timely manner).

 Fourth argument: for small errors and their impact, where he says Jerantld Rice Watts:

 (Some small errors may spoil the great virtues, and some of them may be forgotten amid the great virtues)

   Fifth argument: about the psychological state before you say anything, “regret it, it is one of the most beautiful thing I read for personal success expert Anthony Robbins, where he says:

 (One can say anything and is in good psychological condition, but that was the case not so good you will not be able to say anything, the most important thing that one puts himself in the appropriate case)

 Sixth argument: in others understand where he says Romain Roland:

(To Ttakatab with others in an effective manner, you should be aware that we are all “are different in the way we understand the world, we use this understanding as a guide leads us to communicate with others)

Seventh argument: and is about the importance of the friend found this quote to an anonymous:

(A friend is the bond that you can rely upon the time of trouble, and the ear that listens to you when you need them, and the mind that can change your outlook on life)

Eighth argument: about the people to know the pros and cons of yourself, where he says the great writer Mikhail Naima Lebanese:

(Who would not see the advantages and disadvantages of non-Valdharar better than others)

Ninth argument: about the importance of relationships and teamwork to complete success, saying Astrha our creator Walt Disney, where he says:

(You can reach the greatest ideas, but you will need to be of help you transform these ideas into results, we can not reach the summit only if we cooperate all. “)

Tenth argument: as long as we have talked about relationships, friends and errors there must be tolerated, and here I conclude with the words of Dr. Khaled Saleh Mneef:

(Tolerance usually you will not be realized unless the earnings of the greatest tolerance, and interest is greater than revenge and hatred assembling)

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