Chew food well-known immune cells that protect the rights of infection


Chew food well-known immune cells that protect the rights of infection
Chew food


   A recent British study reported that chewing food well not prevent indigestion, according to; it is working on the launch of immune cells that protect the rights of the infection.

   The study conducted by researchers from Manchester University, and published their results in the journal “immune” scientific.

  To uncover the relationship between strengthening the immune system and chew food well, the research team conducted experiments on a group of mice.

  The researchers gave mice some soft foods; which requires less chewy, until they reached 24 weeks of age, and then watched as another group was given food requires considerable effort in chewing.

  Then the researchers measured cells called “Th17” ratios in the mouth, which is part of the adaptive immune system, which uses specific antibodies against pathogens.

  The researchers found that chewing food well, works to stimulate “Th17” cells in the mouth, and can happen protective immune response to infection in the gums in humans.

  Said Dr. Joan Konkel, leader of the research team that is produced “Th17” cells in the gut and skin through the presence of friendly bacteria, but the mechanism by which Ttaatm through the production of these cells in the mouth still is not clear yet.

  She added that their findings could lead to new strategies to combat a range of diseases.

  A previous study found that chewing food well feel human satiety, and makes it does not deal with a large amount of food; because the stomach needs about 15 minutes to prepare her message to the brain that it was filled.

  She added that this method is simple, safe and inexpensive, can be children and adults that protects against obesity.

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