Men .. only two mistakes should not you committing during face washing


     Is the neglect of most of the men around the world for their skin a puzzle we ignore all of us, although Thdaiqam in the mirror every day, but they are unaware of ways to skin care, and uses a lot of normal or showering means men soap when washing the face, as they believe that this method is good enough, and commit two mistakes too commonplace when cleaning the face.

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Study reveals that the eldest son of his brothers are smarter than others


       New research found that the first child in the family are more intelligent than younger siblings, fought Economists at the University of Edinburgh, a debate in the past and concluded that the first infants were receiving the highest on intelligence tests at the age of one year compared to the brethren. According to the newspaper the “Daily Mail”.

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Natural home remedies to reduce the heat and relieve fever know them

With the change of degrees hot weather increases the risk of colds, influenza, with high body temperature. But before resorting to the use of antibiotics, or even medicines available without a prescription, try some home remedies to lower the temperature and reduce fever.


coriander. Green coriander leaves and coriander seeds contain components which support the immune system and antibiotics plant to help eradicate the cold virus. Boil coriander and a drink.


Dill seeds. Of the most effective treatments for fever dill seeds. Working components of these seeds as anti-bacterial, and antipyretic.

Ginger. Ginger is characterized as containing antibiotic vegetarian eliminates cold viruses, supports immunity, relieves inflammation.

Ring. Fenugreek seeds effective in relieving temperature caused by viruses home remedies.

Rice starch. This treatment is used since ancient times, because the rice starch diuretic and antipyretic Suitable for children and the elderly.

Foodstuffs active memory and improve brain and nervous system to know her work ..

   Scientists have discovered in the field of human nutrition that certain food intake stimulates memory and improves the brain and nervous system work.


After that psychological problems have become part of people’s daily lives and are affecting the functioning of the brain and sometimes cause memory loss, nutrition scientists observed that eating certain foods and materials for food significantly improves the functioning of the brain and strengthens the human memory, and some of those materials, according to scientists:

Turmeric “yellow node” Turmeric:

It is a herbaceous perennial plant of the platoon Alzenajabilah, and return is important because it contains the article “Alchorcomin” Curcumin, which fight inflammation and improves memory.


Experts emphasize that the regular consumption of onion into the daily diet helps to improve the immune system and strengthens memory.

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What are the reasons for cooler fingers?

     Everyone from the low temperatures in winter and cooler, which caused a lot of members of the body such as the nose, ears, feet and private cooler fingers suffer.

   And returns cooler fingers to several reasons, the most important of the following mentioned:

1-poor circulation:

Longer spend time outdoors in the winter without the use of gloves, the most common reason for cold hands. However, if these symptoms persist, emerge after access to warm places, this indicates a problem in the circulatory system and this means that the warm blood of the heart can not reach the fingers to warm it up, and poor circulation always refers to a serious illness Kamen.

2. Do not eat enough steaks:

Cold hands and feet can indicate anemia, a low level of red blood cells, which is known by a number of symptoms including lethargy, heart palpitations and pale skin, and is usually the cause of anemia is iron deficiency and often leads to side several effects, including bowel or problems problems with the menstrual cycle in women. The iron-rich foods include green leafy vegetables, dark red meat, eggs and brown rice.

3-clogged arteries and accumulation of fat in which:

It is known that the arteries surrounding the disease “PAD” can prevent the flow of blood to the parties and cause cold hands. It usually affects the legs.

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