10 things you must know about the application of nail polish yourself at home


    There is no doubt that the nail polish of things so beloved of all women, as it is a special pleasure and helps to highlight the beauty and attractiveness of your hands. Although busy with your schedule and the lack of adequate time to go to beauty salons, but with some simple steps you can apply nail polish on your own at home. It’s simple and does not require only a few simple tools that you can have perfect nails  preferred.
Here are some things to know well to get a perfect manicure polish.

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Nail art Nail Salon


Nail art Nail Salon
Nail Salon

Newer colors for your nails
The first phase included a full munkar session with a simple massage to the hands. It is worth mentioning the great speed at work and professionalism enjoyed by the working group. The second phase  painting session on the nail where you browse various designs on the screen I pad of which have already have done to their customers and other images available on the Internet.

I chose to focus on the pastel colors, I chose beige and light pink brand Essie as a class basis. As for the designs, I had fallen in with paint Alglitr any illustrious ranging from silver and gold were used two different sizes of chips Alglitr nail to grow distant and beautiful. As a final finishing touch has been drawing some random lines on my nails white.

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Lovers nail art designs

If you are a lover painting on the nail, there is no easier to decorate small points. This month, Recruit degrees contrasting pastel and arrange the points in order to Graphic nails looks modern and stylish. We collected for you in the show above many new ideas to inspire you.



nail art designs
nail art designs

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