Britain: the expectations of an increase of feminine cancer six times more higher for men



   Britain’s research center on Cancer predicted that “increasing incidence of this disease in the next twenty years, a six-fold among women about what will be the increase in men.”

    According to these projections, it will rise cancer in women increased by 3%, and 0.5% in men. He attributed this increase to the center harmful to health   lifestyles. Second cause of cancer deaths after cardiovascular diseases

  Center predicted that the proportion of people living with the disease four million and 500 thousand women and four million and 800 thousand men, by the year 2035.

  One of the reasons leading to the high incidence of cancer, smoking and drinking alcohol, including that women Srn more inclined to smoking and alcohol from the former, it has implications now will appear in the coming years.

  The center said: “These figures show the enormous challenge we face in Britain and in all the world, serving eight million people with the disease worldwide each year.”

  “We hope to achieve significant progress in the next twenty years in the early diagnosis of the disease and improve treatments so that recovering three-quarters of sufferers by the year 2034”.

  The official in the health authorities in England Kevin Fenton, that the most important means of preventing cancer is “not smoking, maintaining a normal weight, and physical activity, and medical tests when necessary.”


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