Britain confirms the existence of bifocal two new bird flu

Britain confirms the existence of bifocal two new bird flu
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   British authorities confirmed the existence of bifocal two other avian influenza on two farms in the north and east of England, which means that there are currently four areas across the country are subject to restrictions to limit the spread of the disease.

   She said the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, it had confirmed the existence of the focus of infection strain of the H5 8 of avian influenza in the squadron composed of about 1,000 birds from birds gradient of a platoon Digajiat on a farm in Lancashire WIRE Province, northern England

  Tunnel and a number of birds with the rest being executed. The deployment is the second, which is reported on a farm in WIRE within a week.

   The ministry said it was monitoring the focus of another injury H5 strain that 8 chicken farm turkey is home to about 19,500 birds near Boston, Lincolnshire Province, The spread of the hotbeds of bird flu threat to human

   And imposed a protective zone scope of a three-kilometer surveillance zone and scope of ten kilometers around the two farms, as authorities said that the virus does not pose a threat to humans and little risk of it on food safety.

  The spread of different strains of avian influenza in parts of Europe and Asia since late last year, which led to the execution of campaigns for the birds and the large-scale in several countries and some deaths among humans in China.

  He says disease experts say the global spread of avian influenza virus strains and the number of existing and infectious reached unprecedented levels, which increases the potential spread among humans risks.

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