Breeding best for your child

Breeding best for your child
Breeding your child

      Do you suffer from breeding kid Do you want solutions to problems that you experience then you are in the right place read kinds of problems and solutions, and I hope to benefit

Problems and Solutions:

1. Your child is lying?
The solution: give him safety, a child does not lie only if it is afraid and under the pressure of the threat, then let him think safety has boosted the value of honesty.

2. stubborn child?
Solution: Do not Taande during his stubbornness he applied what he sees!
Give him more of love and hug .

3-your child a lot of movement?
Solution: I occupy kinetic activities, but softens eating chocolate because they increase the vitality, give responsibilities

4. Your child does not eat well?
Solution: Never Ngsbh, about the handling of the food to a game or competition, Zain him food colored fruits.

5. Your child addicted to electronic games?
Solution: insert him until he reduces the hours playing and suddenly anathema overpowering them passionately than before.

6. Your child utters obscenities?
Solution: Do not shout it but warned leniency and told him that the tongue cleaner than clean heart and tried to find out the source.

7. Your child does not pray?
Solution: Nhabbh in God, we feel that all the blessings, including the money that buys the Games and candy are from God.

8. Your child sucks a finger or biting his nails?
Solution: Your child needs to safety is afraid of something or feel threatened as a result of inferiority compared.

9. Your child irritable?
Solution: No interest in deed and are therefore similar anger and knowing that the ablutions that anger, and say to him calmer and reach an understanding.

10. Your son is weak personality?
The solution :
Give it the confidence, and give him responsibilities, give safety, do not make him feel weak personality, insert it into the sports clubs it may wondrous effect on the soul and the body.

11. Your child he showed the following signs:
Unwillingness of the study – the silence of a sudden
Biting nails – fear of people
Signs of abuse may be (aware)

12. Your child  during the pronunciation?
Amdha and more than encouraged, do not laugh at what he says and take it to a specialist trained to pronounce the proper pronunciation.

13. Your child does not accept your hand or your head?
Solution: You initiated this until Iqldk to get used to it.

14. Your son stole?
Solution: Do not Tnath word thief !!
But I advise him privately, let him return what he took, and look for the reasons that Oljoth robbed and treated, fed the material and moral needs.

15. Your son he showed signs of puberty? He boosted his self-confidence is not a mockery of form and his voice, and between him that he became accountable for his behavior.

16. Your child has signs of learning difficulties?
Solution: take it to a trusted specialist at an accredited immediately to remedy the difficulty before the swells.

17. Your son started showing signs of womanhood?
Solution: Reduce inadvertent contact with girls gradually, Asahbh of the Boards of men, and his path to moderate roughness.
And do the opposite with the girls if they exhibit masculine behavior.

18. Your child resists and crying while he woke up?
Solution: Wipe over his head calm and his club also love the names and cuddle


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