Both suffer from obesity .. not refrain from what you eat every diet may expose you Diabetes

Both suffer from obesity .. not refrain from what you eat every diet may expose you Diabetes
Both suffer from obesity


   Doctors warn that dieting will not prevent adults who are overweight from diabetes type II.

   The New research published in the Daily Mail British, to the fact that food increases insulin production in people with obesity, what makes them susceptible to this disease,

which may be fatal, while the same effect does not happen in people the thin, but gives the immune system a boost to resist infection.

  During eating, regardless of how much food hygiene, the large amount of bacteria always enter the body at the same time, which means that the body faces performing two tasks simultaneously, namely the distribution of glucose digested, and new anti-bacteria.

  The intestines are filled with connective tissue, a type of immune cell, nicknamed which removes foreign objects or waste from the body during mealtimes.

  But those are the cleaning process, it produces the right amount of protein called interleukin – 1 beta, which releases insulin to regulate blood sugar levels, and of course this is happening at a time when the connective tissues are preoccupied with maintaining the immune system to keep it active.

  However, this defense loses his balance if the body has a high concentration of unhealthy glucose in the blood, which is a common feature among the overweight, with increased glucose, produces more protein – 1 beta, and then insulin ratio higher than the body needs.

  In the end, those consuming cells begin to die, what makes it difficult for the body to do the organizing blood sugar levels, and also to keep the immune system in an effective case.

  Physicians people who are overweight to avoid fatty or sweet foods to prevent such a disaster occurring usually advised, however, that there is a new study conducted at the University of Basel in Switzerland, which revealed that any kind of food would upset the delicate balance of this system.

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