Best make-up tricks of the views of younger

    With the daily pressures and dermal exposure to stress, may you lose vital views for your skin look paler, as it could be up to the appearance of fine lines and premature wrinkles. But with that, do not be upset, through a few simple tricks using make-up you can restore the vitality of your skin and attractive appearance without the need to resort to cosmetic surgery or injections Alvelers.

Here is a selection of make-up tricks that will restore vitality to the skin and youth.

1. Cupid arc

Sprinkle a little shade Eyelids cream color or Alhambyn illustrious bracket Cupid area in the middle of the lips to get a three-dimensional appearance. One of the simplest tricks that help you accentuate your beauty and maintain the views of younger.

2. highlighting the eyebrows

Use a tinted eyelids also painted cream or light beige on the eyebrows with a well integrated. This gives you an attractive appearance and eyebrows seem more intense.

3. highest cheeks

Of the most important points that you highlighted using Alhaaleight area is higher cheeks. Sprinkle a little  with well integrated to give you the face of the thinnest and perfect makeup.

4. tear ducts

That area or the inner corners of the eye can be exploited better to enlarge the eyes and rehabilitation. Sprinkle a little  on that area for you look more attractive.

5. nasal septum

Make sure Unlike lighting well on nasal septum area using Alhaalenz. It is one of the best tricks that help to hide imperfections nose to make it appear thinner.

6. mouth circumference

The leader debugger defects or Alkoncelr around the mouth after lipstick application to hide all the flaws and maintain a perfect makeup.

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