best beauty tips

best beauty tips
best beauty tips


  Simply loves Eve will see beautiful in whatever form, there is no Eve ugly, but there are habits help Eve to become more beautiful and brighter So Here’s 8 habits should not be acquired to keep up on your beauty.

  1 – Skin Care:
Care Eve Bbchertha not required to do so by the extraordinary effort, which is burdened with are no masks that sit for it Eve long hours are intended for skin care, but daily habits Eve gained like face wash should be three times a day and a decent moisturizer in the morning and evening and also remove make-up bedtime is always because the make-up fills the pores helps the growth of pimples and acne. Eve also must use cosmetics with sun protection factor in summer and winter, because the sun’s rays cause dehydration and redness of the skin and infect Eve premature wrinkles.

 2. Hair care:
Eve hair is the crown of her head, and interest in it lies in Eve choices for special cosmetics Hair For Eve first find out her hair type, and then choose lotions appropriate to him taking care to buy balsamic and cream or oil to keep the hair moisturizing and thee secretly small to keep wetting the hair for as long as possible after bathing do not dry your hair hydrated Keep it strongly, but then put on the spot hair moisturizers cream or oil.

 3 – good food:
A diet that followed Eve to help them maintain good health and makes them look beautiful and vital, especially if the Eve incorporating elements are full of fiber and vitamins in their diet such as fruits and vegetables to make the skin look more lively and also drink liquids frequently to keep moisturizing body and follow moderate diet with away from fatty foods preserves the agility Eve and makes them become active and full of vitality.


  4 – Water:
Water, the elixir of life that is true hundred percent Firstly it helps Eve to get rid of toxins in the body and help her to feel special satiety if drinking Cuba before eating directly and also help preserve the beauty of the skin Eve as he helps to slow the aging, but deserves to be given water his chance and deal with constantly.

 5 – Avoid harmful habits:
Many harmful habits, but to transfer most notably smoking and drinking and drugs, and truth be told, most of the women in the Arab world are not heeding any of those bad habits, but unless you know dear Eve that if you sat next to a smoker people thou you become a smoker negative and Tcherban two-thirds of cigarette despite unscrew !! And of the damage smoking many it makes you look bigger than you are real is the possibility of injury from the disease are endless, such as heart disease and lung and cancer, and many others, so all I can’m asking you if you find one drink cigarettes Avoid it as much as possible, for example, the room Leave or ask of the smoker to come out in the open and place but remains beside you and he smokes, you do not need to get hurt you without disease can do something wrong.

 6 – exercise:
Exercise and yoga earn Eve softness and flexibility in her body and gives it the appearance is always a youth thou you can see the women in their forties and fifties are showing are nice and in good health, and all of them say they do sports regularly so why mahram yourself of exercise they provide you with force and activity and help to get rid of the excess fat and serve to strengthen the muscles that keep your body shape as it’s away from you a lot of diseases so _khassy 40 minutes a day for exercise Do you know that 40 minutes of walking a day burn excess fat. Sports is not as difficult as you think dear Eve there is no reason to force yourself to do exercise difficult but easy exercises Tsttaan his people do every day.  

 7 – meditation:
Talking very fast and full of tiredness and tension Every day the world come across countless problems and to overcome them dear Eve you have to Tmarce meditation to calm down your nerves take your of your time half an hour or an hour to sit in quietly in the balcony and Taatomly heaven or you can practice breathing exercises and you-closed eyes and sit relaxed for a few minutes. Remember dear Eve that man seems more beautiful than the relaxed feel which the permanent tension.

8 – sleep well:
Eve sleep a day and they sometimes do not mastered the art of sleeping purpose basic sleep is to relax and maintain a healthy body to look like Eve beautiful and bright the next day, but usually sleeping normally sensitive if not grown sufficiently or have grown more than should you feel the same symptoms such as fatigue and fatigue who show evident on your face and your skin and at bedtime excess thou you may also have a headache spam very easily so you dear Eve that Thddy hours sleep between 7 and 8 hours only do I increase, no less. If you feel compelled to look after and do not sleep because of work or one of the children’s disease should not be less than hours sleep caller for four hours under any circumstances.

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