Benefits of healthy olive oil


    Olive oil is a natural light oil recommended by many nutritionists because it contains less calories that cause weight gain and affect the health of the body in general, in addition to olive oil contains many vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to perform His functions are fully functional.

In this article, Life magazine presents a list of the nutritional benefits of olive oil to encourage you to use it to prepare your daily meals to keep your body healthy and thicker away from the use of other oils, butter and margarine that cause weight gain.

Cardiovascular disease

Eating olive-oil-containing meals helps protect the heart and arteries from serious diseases that may be caused by other oils. Olive oil reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood and helps to increase good cholesterol, thereby improving the health of the heart and arteries.

Lose weight

Eating foods that contain an appropriate amount of olive oil helps to lose weight. Olive oil is a low-calorie vegetable oil that achieves a definite loss of weight and is easy to burn with simple exercise or a slight motor effort. Nutritionists are advised to eat food Which contain a proportion of oil oils to ensure weight loss in a short time.


Of health problems that threaten many people as a result of unhealthy eating habits diabetes, which threatens the health of the body by a large proportion of the recommended food to protect against the dangers of diabetes type II olive oil, where scientific studies have proven that eating olive oil matters Necessary to protect against diabetes mellitus.


Olive oil contains a high percentage of oleic acid, which helps fight cancer, including breast cancer, where scientific studies have shown that women who eat foods that contain a percentage of olive oil are less susceptible to breast cancer.

Improve digestion

Eating foods that contain a portion of oil oil can improve the ability of the stomach and digestive system to digest food and absorb the body to the nutrients that are taken, and olive oil protects the colon from irritable infections that affect the health and safety of the body.


Obtaining a percentage of the oil of the oil during eating, in addition to the foods eaten daily protects against the health problems that occur to the body with aging as arthritis, where scientific studies have shown that eating foods that enter olive oil in preparation helps to protect against the dangers of rheumatoid arthritis.

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