beauty tips for hair you know it

beauty tips for hair you know it
beauty tips for hair

   Who among us does not dream of long hair and full and shiny and attractive? Here are the tips that will help you achieve your dream.

 Access to information has become an easy and very fast in the online world in which we live today, including beauty and make-up and hair information. But repeated many of them, especially if you are looking and you read it every day, right?

  Here are 10 tips beyond the beauty of the ordinary we have collected for you to take advantage of them and include hair tips, skin, make-up, etc., and the most beautiful of all, you can apply at home and without the need for products or cosmetics are expensive.

  1. Perfume your hair with your best perfume: 

If you want to get a hair smell wonderful but you do not know where you find hair fragrance, try this simple way. Sprinkle a small amount of perfume preferred to brush your hair and then comb the hair from the roots to the parties, and the locks of hair You will get your best perfume smell.

    2.  Moist skin of children this winter with oil:

It is known that winter leads to dry skin, so if you suffer from dry skin to increase your body this winter, a drop of baby oil Baby Oil Add to the normal body lotion do you use daily and will lead to an increase in moisturizing your skin and take care of it.

   3. At least the best in Washing:

It is OK to wash your hair every day if it is too soft or too greasy. But if your hair is dry or too thick, we recommend you washed only once every three days. Too much washing hair can take away the essential oils from the scalp, making them dry and insensitive, and thus seems to hair lacking vitality. Unfortunately, the excessive use of shampoo does not harm only hair, but also exacerbates the problem. It must be pointed to the need to massage the scalp with shampoo only once, not twice, but if your hair is very oily or very dirty as a result of the use of a lot of styling products.

  4. Use of dampening before shampoo:

To prolong the color of hair dye, increasing hydration, packaging your hair wet, but not washed, a layer of hair conditioner. Massage your hair well and then rinse with shampoo and rinse with cold water. In this way, your hair absorbs moisture as a result of the use of dampening in the beginning.

  5. Use of protective products from the heat:


You know very well that the electric dryer robs moisture from the hair. Therefore, we recommend that encapsulates your hair protective products from the heat before proceeding to use the electric dryer. And adjust the always electric dryer on the caliber center so that the air hotter medium.

  6. Pamper intensive hair mask once a week :

You can set up my home for a nourishing hair mask once mixing two eggs with avocado mashed and distribution of this mixture on wet hair. Then cover hair hat shower and then wrapped hot towel moist. Wait two to three hours, then rinse and wash your hair with shampoo as usual.

  7. Protect hair from the sun:

Use of hair products containing refineries and protective of ultraviolet rays, or wear a big hat if your hair dyed or fast break. The sun makes the weak hair worse off.

  8. Trimming the hair every six weeks:

Pruning can be hair tips that would bring life to all your hair through the removal of dry and damaged parties. Hair becomes more full and lively time.

  9. Use appropriate brush:

Do you remember the tips grandmothers that there should comb the hair a hundred times every day to stay beautiful? There is a true part in it. Vtmsheet hair conveys the natural oils of the hair from the roots to the parties, and thus is a natural moisturizer. Comb the hair is ideal to massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation and provide a better environment for the roots of the hair.

  10. At least better dye:

Try a semi-permanent dyes that never contain ammonia and is able to cover white hair perfectly. In fact, this kind of pigments allows you to lengthen the period between the dates of dyes because dye deposits are less in the scalp, and therefore is a vast difference does not appear at the root of the hair growth. But if there is a lot of white hair, you have to resort to the permanent dyes.

 The hair is at the peak of its beauty in the first twenty years of the life of the woman. With the passage of days, and subjected to physical attacks hair and chemical constant, weaken the roots. But whether dyed your hair or not, the secretions of oils in the scalp slow starting from the age of thirty, which increases the dry hair and pale appearance. With the achievement of women’s menopause, hair starts Baltrqq due to lower estrogen levels. And thus it loses its elasticity, making it more difficult styling. When Agsoh of gray hair, the composition changed and become more coarse. However, there are a lot of ways to help you maintain your hair youth and brilliance.

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