Apple removed an Iranian-mail applications store

¬† ¬† ¬†Embarked on “Apple” the US company to remove an Iranian store applications for smart devices, was attributed the decision to the US sanctions on Iran have been renovated.

The Iranians did not find in recent days the company “Dajikala” applications, the largest Iranian gateway for e-commerce, the Apple store, according to the transfer site “TechCrunch” for Iranian media outlets.

Apple and sent to Iranian companies that are trying to download apps to store the message that, to own the store can not accommodate an Iranian application at the moment, due to the sanctions list issued by the US State Department.

The US company offered to the Iranians load their applications on the store in September / September 2016 when the gradual lifting of international sanctions imposed on Iran began.

Many Iranian companies seeking to register their applications outside of Iran to become a legitimate inside the Apple Store, and is estimated to have a 40 million smartphone in Iran, including 6 million iPhone phone, being smuggled about 100 thousand phone iPhone to Iran per month.

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