All you care about know about the menstrual cycle


    My dear girl, new your period is a sign of the beginning of redirect you from a child to a young girl there are many questions of many girls like you, ask their: How menstrual cycle cause hunger some of the girls in this period, and feeling some frustration and distress, and some feel the pain of the abdomen and pelvis, and sometimes vomiting and nausea.

I would like to assure you, dear: all of us as women and girls must pass this stage, this is a year of life, and we will try to answer you through your life on most of your questions. And when you should consult your doctor.

1-session does not come on time:

Do not worry, it’s very natural for a teenage girl should not get to have a menstrual cycle at the same time, it is natural not to appear regularly in the beginning after appearing for the first time. It may be delayed a month or two.

Many factors can hinder the emergence of the menstrual cycle at the same time, such as physical events, disease, increase and decrease in weight, whether you live a sport or not. Of course, when there is a pregnancy.

 And get the majority of the menstrual cycle in women 28-35 every day. In case you have occurred session frequency and a greater frequency and repetition before the deadline, or if you do not come twice session, respectively, then it is preferable to consult a doctor.

2. I do not know do you come (menstruation) I have a hemorrhage? Is this normal?

Maybe not as much as Ttejelin. Most women lose 100 grams of blood during menstruation. If you are you have used up the 10 pieces of sanitary pads or if your course you are obliged to replace the towel every hour, then we recommend that you consult a doctor.

3- How menstrual period last?

Menstrual period when the majority of women continue for a period of 3-5 days. If the duration of your course different, do not worry. Menstrual cycle can last from 2-7 days. If bleeding continues to have more than 7 days in a row, we are advised to go to the doctor.

4. How can I relieve menstrual pain?

There’s a lot of pain relievers menstrual cycle, and you can also use water bladders are processed with hot water, to which a piece of light cotton cloth, then placed in the lower abdomen or back. You can also take a hot bath to relieve menstrual pain.
Do not take painkillers only women consult your doctor, it can take a warm drink herbs such as anise or cinnamon, this helps a lot.

5. Why do you feel fuller before the advent of the menstrual cycle?

In the days of menstruation, fluid builds up in the body and this is what causes the feeling of fullness and bloating. Going in the days of menstruation to avoid taking or reduce caffeine (tea, coffee and Nescafe), salt, and so ease the accumulation of fluid in your body, do you keep yourself from lethargy and laziness, and you will feel swelling and heaviness in the lower body.

6. Why do I feel hungry during the days of the session:

Female hormone levels vary during the session, and the other girl, too, did not know yet the reason for the feeling of unbridled desire to eat voraciously, as it is unclear the reason behind many of the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle. But it seems that the levels of various hormones, the effect is obvious. V_iha some women in the days of the monthly session foods such as cakes, biscuits and chocolate.

 If you are conscious of Nzaatk in craving sweet food in this period, try to eat small meals during the day in order to keep up the feeling of satiety. If you accept you on fatty and fried fast foods and meals, it is best to eat healthy fatty foods such as salmon, walnuts and avocados thickness.

7. How can I control the symptoms of the course?

Try to do exercises, avoid salty foods as much as possible, and Cut down on caffeine levels a week before the menstrual cycle. If you still suffer from fluctuations in mood, nationalist talk with your doctor. Probably advise you to take supplements such as vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, as well as iron-rich foods (such as molasses – spinach – the liver – eggs).

8. What is the difference between the daily towels and sanitary pads?

 It is used sanitary pads inside the underwear to absorb the fluid that comes out during the days of menstruation. It is made of cotton and other materials have a high absorption ability to prevent leakage, as well as prevent wetness. The towels daily they are used every day in order to give you a sense of comfort and hygiene in the days when the secretions are having light to avoid any leaks, before and after the menstrual period. Both of different sizes and shapes towels, over time you will find the optimal size of a towel daily sanitary towel.

Ask your mother, they are the best adviser and being friendly to her, and you will find it much easier.

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