Advice to protect against brittle bones


     brittle bones is the health problems faced by many people as a result of following some unhealthy and cause loss of bone elements necessary to maintain their health habits.

Review your magazine in this article is a list of tips that will help in maintaining the health of your bones away from exposure to the problem of brittle bones and the lack of intensity to enjoy strong bones and free of health problems resulting from weakened bones.

Smoking and alcohol 

Follow some unhealthy habits may be a cause for osteoporosis and lack of intensity, in terms of medical studies have shown that smokers and drinkers of alcohol are more susceptible to osteoporosis disease and so the effect of smoking and alcohol consumption on bone cells.


Nutrition has a great role in maintaining public health and body Ouhmaith of exposure to various health problems including bone disease, as appropriate foods that contain vitamins and elements you need bones to maintain the cells away from the fragility and vulnerability help protect against the problem of osteoporosis and lack of intensity eating, so Make sure the foods that contain vitamin d to stimulate the body to produce an element calcium is essential for bone health eating.

Exposure to the sun 

From health habits that recommended care experts bones exposure to the sun at the appropriate times to keep the body and bone health in particular, so make sure to exposure to the sun in the health times Such as exposure her in the morning or at sunset and was keen to move away from exposure to the sun at noon time so as not to Your body and your skin is exposed to UV radiation damage.


Eating large amount of foods that contain calcium to form strong and healthy bones of the things recommended for bone health care experts to enjoy healthy bones, so the national preservation of eating milk and dairy products and vegetables that contain calcium component enjoy healthy ideal bones.

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