Advice to eat carbohydrates without weight gain


     Many people believe that eating meals that contain a large amount of carbohydrates may harm the health of the body and threatens the food system used for weight loss in order to contain starchy foods are high in calories that are difficult to incinerate.

Provides you with your magazine in this article is a list of tips to help you eat carbohydrates without exposure to the health harms that affect body weight.

the bread

It may be difficult for you when you follow a new diet to lose excess weight to avoid special bread if you are accustomed to eating meals with bread, bread is one of the carbohydrates that cause weight gain, and this drives many nutrition experts to advise avoiding protection of high-calorie granted for the body, but you can eat bread, although follow the diet, provided eating brown bread that contains whole grains and limited quantities to ensure no impact on weight and avoid eating white bread for causing weight gain even more.


Everyone loves potatoes and preferably covered all his meals daily, including a snack, but despite the wide spread that dealt with fries cause the weight gain more so because they contain a high percentage of fats and oils, causing devouring a large amount of calories by eating the amount of a few of the fingers of potatoes, but avoid potato effect of unwanted on a national weight eating boiled potatoes to enjoy potatoes without the high calories, on the contrary, boiled potatoes are considered healthy and light starches which are recommended taking it to enjoy the body limber, and you can add spices Go ahead to be encouraged to be addressed.

the rice

Famous for its many dishes that are prepared using rice, despite the rice as of carbohydrates but it was a healthy carbohydrates, which the body needs for energy crisis, to enjoy an active day, but the way in which the cooked rice, the amount of rice they’re taking it are determined by the amount of calories you’re entered for your body, so national eating long grain rice (Albasmty) without adding oils to him and the amount of suitable and sufficient feeling of fullness without over him to enjoy the health and activity of  better without feeling tired and weight gain.

the quantity

Interest Eating appropriate amount of food and choose small dishes helps maintain body weight away from the increase resulting from excessive intake of carbohydrates.


Exercise on a daily basis and for specific help in burning calories derived by the body as a result of eating starchy food, so make sure to follow the exercise daily to have a healthy body free from the negative effects of the excessive carbohydrates.

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