Advantages and disadvantages of some hair dyes


  Spread among the ladies usually use hair dyes for the purpose of coloring, and women usually play this habit for beauty, and the change of shape in an attempt to break the monotony and boredom, and probably sees itself as the most beautiful in a particular hair color, or sometimes to hide some white hair dye colored hair, and it believes will be more attractive hair dye you prefer,  hair gives multiple opportunities for different colors with more beautiful hair view.

   With the growing desire of many women in hair color dyes change, we must know some of the negative effects on the hair of these pigments, and the damage that can be caused by these pigments in the body as a whole and in public health. There are also many different types of hair dyes, and what makes each distinct from the other species is a period of stability and survival of the hair, and also a kind of chemical compounds involved in the installation of their content, and the color of the dye.

   There are quick temporary dye that disappear washing hair to “shampoo”, this type is not located him damage to the hair or body, and there is a gradual dye placed on the hair and roots on a daily basis, even interactions with Article colored hair happens to give color you’d like the lady, nor this dye still easily, and there is also a type of dye semi-permanent hair, and this kind permeates into the hair, after being placed for a period ranging between 30 to 45 minutes, then wash the hair to “shampoo” and water and proves dye color, and still easily, and there are types of pigments hair permanent, and these types have methods for preparation before use, a fixed and permanent types color you like Ms., and contain these pigments hydrogen peroxide, and other chemical compounds, used white-haired owners of coverage is strong and fast, and accept these types a lot of women and men a fan of the use of dyes, and preferred because they are used to get the black color of dark, and also in the case of obtaining a special hair color, a pigment have a lot of multiple colors, unlike the types of pigments aforementioned, there are also natural henna dye that gives the brown color italics to browning or yellowing according to the color of henna, there are also black henna dye, which is added to other plant species to give the black color dark

    Advantages and disadvantages of some hair dyes:

     These pigments containing materials in the components that cause hair damage and brittleness, in addition to the chemicals in these dyes each toxic to the body, and with the constant use of hair dye accumulate these toxic substances in the bodies of people and therefore the body is exposed to the occurrence of genetic alterations leading to cancer , not to mention the bad types of pigments, made in places that are not eligible, nor are subject to the approval of the necessary health authorities, and are packaged as a high-quality pigments, and accepted by the ladies of the cheap price, which in fact contain hazardous compounds on the hair in particular, and on the body in general , so experts and specialists in cosmetic advised the ladies to choose free pigments of compounds that cause hair damage the field, and to the well-chosen character type, and how to properly deal with the pigments.

      Many studies have revealed that some types of pigments cause increased roughness hair, and with the continued use of the dye damage hair and flaking, and the reason that the dye leads to a weakening of the bark of the hair, and also the weakness of its resistance to external factors, and thus after the damage the hair, as a result of the impact of chemicals on the scalp the head, and also the ladies lose their hair freshness and brilliance, and when hair dye is different from the original color color, it displays the hair for more than a puppet in the phase change color during the dye process, and thus influence the hair in a negative light. And recent scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between the use of cosmetics, hair dye and between jobs and the risk of many types of cancer

    Many of the pregnant mother studies also advised to refrain and avoid the use of hair dyes, and so throughout pregnancy, because the toxic compounds they contain pigments may be deposited and concentrated in the body during pregnancy, causing a risk to fetal health and safety, and influenced by these substances and compounds toxic, and also can cause some kind of sensitivity to the mother towards the types of dye, and therefore the mother eating some sensitivity to healing medicines, these drugs have harmful to the fetus and the pregnancy process as a whole influences. Also during the dye process observe the escalation of a lot of different chemical vapors, to worry about the serious damage that can be caused to the fetus and the health and future, and hair dyes cause some damage to the skin when people who are allergic to compounds of these pigments, which can cause some of the vehicles material dye-forming some kind of inflammation of the skin surrounding the hair dyed.

    Some recent studies have indicated that the seriousness of hair dyes on the user lies when used for a long period of time, where the accumulation and concentration of the chemical compounds harmful and toxic inside the human body happen, some dyes containing more than 120 items have harmful to the consumer impact of the user of these dyes, and this dye Matavenlin Daymen materials or Albrvinlen Daymen or Oorthovenlen Daymen, and material Rizausnol or ammonia or ammonia which have a pungent odor and harmful to the respiratory tract, and sometimes added material Alonalin dyes a substance that affects cancer when used frequently and heavily, and also when using pigments containing material aminophenol, most of these pigments have a serious impact on the skin.

      Studies have classified that most cases of allergies caused by hair dyes are due to material «Albrvinlen Daymen», a substance used in the chemical composition of some other substances that cause allergies, and also there is another substance used to stimulate white matter, a substance “ammonium Bersalafit”, this article cause allergic reactions of the first type, and lead to the injury of four symptoms are: the appearance of swelling of the face, swelling around the eyes and also the incidence of dizziness and imbalance, and up to a loss of consciousness if the sensitivity of the severe type, and lead to a heart asthma severe among people with asthma .

     Studies have shown that the majority of users call «Albarravinlen Daymen» pigment black stone, although it is not one of the types of stones, it is not extracted from nature, it is not any organic material extracted from the earth, but it is an ancient chemical, used for hundreds of years, and well known to the traders like dye clothes, fabrics and leather material and paperwork, and are also used in the production of various inks, these various and diverse chemicals can be used on its own in the hair dye industry, or are used in a range of other chemical compounds, and these materials and fixtures chemicals used in hair dyes industry Studies have shown that the negative effects, and a large damage to the locks of hair, and these damages up to these people who use these pigments lose their hair, may suffer some skin ulcers, as well as inflammation and irritation and sensitivity of these materials.

     Studies have shown that some hair dyes in addition to some toxic metals, for example, may be added to the lead to give some sort of fixation of dye to much time as possible and increase its effectiveness, is lead material from toxic substances, and can lead to an imbalance of disability of the fetus in the case of pregnancy when women used to this the quality of the pigments, and also the baby may become infected mother because her body contamination by a toxic metal arsenic, which can also lead to skin cancer. The accumulation of these polluting dyes chemicals in breast milk or swallow some of the children have accidentally may cause them injury disability or kidney failure or death, if not their ministry and their treatment in the case, warns research the ladies from the use of hair dyes that contain lead-time periods long, because they lead to osteoporosis, and the reason that the lead material to replace the calcium in the bones, and thus osteoporosis occurs, and also lead to high blood pressure and many other diseases due to lead poisoning.

    Most hair dyes from the Permanent type consists of two main components: color and developer, must Developer contain peroxide, hydrogen and ammonia compounds, to change and modify the molecular structure of the same hair, and then the hair dyes dark and dark color will be more harmful and cause greater hazards to persons employed her , more than the other pigments Her pale, it is better to use temporary dyes because these dyes do not penetrate into the hair, and also can be very easily removed, by washing the hair once shampooed, and characteristics that it does not prove the hair, and continues to effect temporary dye more than just nine days or less.

     Some beauty tips for women’s centers have been placed at the use of hair dyes to abstain some damage to these pigments, including the fact that the women experience the dye on a small part hair before embarking on a dye process as a whole, to see the effect of this dye on the hair, and then the dye must work baths Hair oil on an ongoing basis, because the oil helps to get rid of the damage caused by the pigment of the hair process, taking into account not use a hair dryer for drying and drying tufts of hair dye after a straightforward process. More importantly, it is to choose the type of hair dyes free from ammonia, because this article with continued use can lead to injury kind of sensitivity, and also the chances of infection with cancer become larger after a long period of use.

     Beauty centers and advises not to repeat the hair dye on an ongoing basis, because that has a negative impact and lead to hair damage and brittleness.

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