A new therapeutic approach to get rid of the aches and pains of birth

     It mothers of five Japanese women for careers in getting rid of the aches and pains of birth thanks to a new therapeutic currently sweeping Japan, is based on the wrapped body from head to toe in white cloth method, and then a person’s heart from one side to another, as do the mothers with their babies.

He says that practitioners of therapeutic method is that the manner in which it is called “Ootonamaki” -oumanaha literal wrapped Albaghein- advised him are famous in Tokyo thought that the simulation method of winding children at birth may help mothers to overcome the pain of the shoulders and thighs after birth.

At the meeting in Tokyo five mothers lay on their backs and Tnin Rkbehn on the art of their breasts has been in a white cloth. Then help them workers on the volatility on cushions.

She said one of them after he underwent session lasted 20 minutes, “I felt the warmth applies in my body. Is not this experience before so it’s hard to describe accurately.”

However, the Ootonamaki did not enjoy the support of everyone. Chiropractor Shiro Oba in the therapeutic benefits have questioned and advised mothers who suffer from back pain consult a doctor.

“There are many cases of people living with asthma may find it easier to breathe in this situation but once you unpack the cloth it comes to what it was. Otherwise I can not imagine how people will benefit from this, even if it was a form of massage or sports.

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