A new task for eyelash eyes of scientists recently discovered!

A new task for eyelash eyes of scientists recently discovered!
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  It turned out to an international team of biologists scientists that human brain corrects the status of eyeballs eyes blinking during the process any more eyes twitched slightly and moved  involuntary movements, according to the magazine site “health magazine” specialist.

  These researchers have conducted by the University of Berkeley in California with colleagues experience West phalian volunteers sit in a dark room for a long period of time, stared at the bright spot on the screen. At the same time it began to be affected cameras infrared monitors eyes covered experimentally movements.

  Experiment was conducted so that was moving the bright spot on the screen by 1 centimeter to the right whenever Remctha kind participant. Recorded a operating in the field of radiology infrared cameras that the eyes of the participants in the experiment were focused on previa point after Remcha note that the participants themselves were not to notice that the offsets.

   Muscles  moving the eyeballs are, according to scientists, is weak and inaccurate in its performance. That forced the brains of one’s eyeballs eyes to correct the situation, according to changes taking place in the center around him. Biologists Scientists believe that the outside world for a person would have been a very chaotic if the human brain has not this instant corrections in the course of vision.

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