9 Fast Facts About Fashion’s Newest

9 Fast Facts About Fashion's Newest
Fashion’s Newest


  Continue looking for 9 snappy things about your new most loved model, then find much more Latina models who should be on your radar.

1. She’s From Guadalajara, Mexico

2. She’s Only 16

3. She Was Discovered at a Shopping Mall

4. She Nabbed a Coveted Exclusive With Proenza Schouler For Her First Runway Appearance

5. She Saw David and Victoria Beckham When She Was in New York For Fashion Week

“I was strolling down the road after a fitting and saw a group of individuals in the road. Abruptly I gaze upward and there were David and Victoria Beckham on their way to a bistro!” she told Vogue.

6.She Is Currently Traveling the World For Her Career

7. She Isn’t Afraid to Indulge in a Sweet Treat

8. She Has 3 Pet Vietnamese Pigs . .

9. What’s more, More Than 300 Pig Figurines

She affirmed her adoration for the creature to Vogue shouting: “I revere pigs!”

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