8 secrets to the beauty of every woman

8 secrets to the beauty of every woman
beauty secrets

    Beauty secrets you must know, because  You are so beautiful is not bound to keep up on this grace and increase his own beauty and the utmost simplicity Here are ways to help you to look after yourself and your entire body simply because you you deserve…

1. care nails:

You can care for nails by putting your hands in a five minute period Jill shower and warm water, which gives you a soft nails with attractive view

2. to moisturize your hair well Avoid roots:

It is important to use a good balm of sorts until you get a non-dry and healthy hair somewhat and it’s good to use olive oil to properly nourish hair but it is very necessary to avoid the roots as possible Vfroh head produced from oils and proteins that can take care of some Asamntimtrut of Alhark close to them and what needs you care really is the parties that lose fed quickly

3. It is not the crust:

There are those who resort to the use shampoos anti-dandruff once you see some white Altqchirat in her hair, but in fact this is not a crust that just a simple symptoms of dry scalp which result from the lack of hair lay off for a long time or use bad products can not be for shampoo crust to be useful in this case, so it is important to clean the hair and discharged continuously

4. Cleaner can be detrimental to your skin:

Skin clean is no doubt they are necessary for the freshness and authenticity, but there are some types of detergents that can cause irritation of the skin and to avoid these symptoms of detergent must choose the right type that removes dirt and oil excess without Oonchar with the use of acupuncture or infections as it should be free of alcohol or perfumes it is also preferable that contain lemon or cinnamon oil or a aromatic oils

5. Stop avoid peeling and make your skin radiant:

We see a lot of women, especially movie actresses and their skin radiant always renewed We do not deny that some of the genes play a role in this mystery. But you can also you get to what makes you get a radiant complexion even without the gene, a skin peeling Valtakecar reasonable for the skin allows the cells regeneration and constantly makes creams that you place in give the required efficiency

6.use Alritinoad for more youthful skin:

 You alone are the development of these vehicles initially for the treatment of acne is an extract of vitamin A it can soften fine facial lines also helps regenerate skin cells and helps the skin to produce more collagen essential to a more youthful appearance, but be careful when you use one of these vehicles because they increase skin sensitivity to the sun

7. short hair makes you look older:

Some women prefer to change their hair hairstyle from time to time by shortening the hair but not Tlji to very short hair and if you really want it is better to make your hair a bit long in the front and behind the ears

8. Art Hair Cut:

Do not go to the hairdresser to cut Alanchat just some of your hair, but to change the hairstyle entire hair is not feasible in the fact that the fact of your hair a few inches.

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