7 Steps to start a fitness program


7 Steps to start a fitness program
fitness program


  Do you consider that a fitness program begins so you get the body healthy and limber, is this is an appropriate and very good to think about it I will provide you five important steps to program suits you begin to get a successful long results that the style of life and normal style in which we live.

  To start a fitness program and one of the best things you can do for your health. That physical activity can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve the balance and your coordination and help you lose weight as it helps you to improve your sleep habits and also helps their self-esteem and there are many, many benefits that may be obtained By following a fitness program.
Five steps will help you start a fitness program:

  The first step: Assess your fitness level
You may have an idea of ​​what suits you best, you must evaluate and record information about your body composition, flexibility and muscle what to codification summarized in the following:
• your pulse rate before and after walking a distance ranging kilometer.
• How long does it take in order to conform to a kilometer.
• how the process can do at one time.
• the extent to which you can reach forward while seated on the floor and your legs outstretched.
• Measuring waist circumference, a naked, just above the bone.
• your BMI.

 Step Two: Design a fitness program:
Easy to tell you that you exercise every day, but you’ll need a plan and you design your fitness program that keeps these points:
• Consider fitness goals:
That is, Are you started on a fitness program to help them lose weight, or you have other like preparing for a marathon race, it must be clear goals so that they can progress and achieve positive results motivated.
• Create a balanced routine:
That is, that people adults need 150 minutes weekly of moderate activity or 75 powers of activity, adults also need two or more days of strength training a week.
• Knowledge of special abilities:
That is, if you’re a newbie in the exercise should start with caution and slow, and if you have an injury or medical condition should consult your doctor or physiotherapist to help you design a fitness program gradually improves your condition.
• time scheduling and daily routines:
That is, to find the time to exercise is a challenge even be exercise is easy, you have a program of daily appointments for planning with the inclusion of sports as part of your daily activities.
• different activities:
That is, that stay on the exercise of one type of sport leads to feeling bored, and the excessive use of a single muscle will lead to your injury, you should vary your activities in different parts of the body such as swimming, walking and strength training.
• allow time to recover:
That is, a lot of people when playing sports with enthusiasm for a very long time and intensely give up the muscles and joints become painful and sometimes are injured should have to take time to rest and recover.
• Date in your notes:
That is, to record all of the above steps in Knott written even be encouraged to stay on track.
The third step: assembling your equipment:
Equip your equipment to the fitness program, such as: sports shoes that fit what you will to the exercise, the purchase of equipment that you will use in your fitness program, sports socks, all you will need during your your program.

   Step Four: Getting Started:
Now you are ready to start your fitness program, you should keep these tips:
• Start slowly and imperceptibly:
Give plenty of time to yourself in the warm-up process should take time to calm when doing a certain kind of sport you can increase the time it takes to exercise a day and gradually increase the time over the weekend.
• The practice of five or ten minutes of exercise several times a day may fit your schedule better than one session for 30 minutes.
• Non-routine:
Your day should include many activities such as biking, walking or kayaking. But do not stop at this point you must be a holiday weekend with family Fu Cases for a time in the evening at a place you love.
• listen to your body:
If you feel pain or shortness of breath or dizziness and nausea should take a break and carry on yourself, and if you do not feel the flexibility should take a day or two of rest.
Step Five: Monitor your progress:
After must run a fitness program should evaluate your fitness every six weeks, then you can evaluate every 3 to 6 months. You may notice that you need to increase the amount of time you exercise through sport for a better result, or you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you’re exercising the right, which you achieved your fitness goals
If the motive of this program you lost set new goals or trying to invent a new activity, you can play sports with a friend or a class in the fitness center, this will help you and encourage you, too, you can put these health habit to last a lifetime ..

  Step Six: Do not make an effort above what your body bears:
Through you exercise sports and after a period of time passage starts your body to send messages asking you to stop and most famous is feeling tired, so the notice that you begin to feel tired and your body has become not tolerate any more of exercises stopped immediately and do not try to increase on top of that, because this will cause damage to your body.

  Step Seven: Take were times retrievable:
Then to take a break and nutrition and good until your body recover its full capacity, and therefore prefer to have your share-day break between the training so that your body from the recovery well.



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