7 foods to get rid of heartburn

Heartburn is caused by rapidly eating or as a result of eating too much of it, where stomach acid moves result from the bottom up toward the esophagus.

 Leading to a burning sensation in the chest. The recipes medical treatment on the goal of controlling heartburn, while natural remedies act more effectively.

There are several combinations of natural elements and means that can be taken or followed to get rid of heartburn:

1 clove, mint, anise and lavender
You can add a few drops of clove oil to a cup of water and sip slowly. Or blending mint, anise and lavender (Lavender) in equal amounts and stirred with tea and sip slowly also.

2. milk, chewing gum, bananas and pineapple.
Cold milk straight from the refrigerator is the ideal choice to get rid of heartburn. The chewing gum also stimulates saliva, which in turn neutralize acid and help his return from the esophagus to the stomach again. It is believed that a banana antacid effect, can also help pineapple is good because it is rich in enzymes that neutralize stomach acid.

3. licorice and chamomile.
You can prepare the drink licorice adding a teaspoon of it to a quarter cup of water and heated in warm water for 10 minutes. And you can add two teaspoons of chamomile into the water and cover the pot for 10 Dakkak, then filtered and drink.

4 ginger and dandelion root.
The drink ginger root to soothe the stomach, as well as be eating dandelion root as a treatment for heartburn, preferably blended together.

5. Stop smoking.
Smoking reduces the ability of the lower sphincter muscle of the esophagus to work properly.

6. Weight Loss,
Wear loose clothing which cause tight clothing around the waist constriction in the abdomen and stomach circumference.

7. Eat slowly,
And not to lie down on the back by more than two hours after eating, and do not lie down in the case of a complaint of heartburn.

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