7 Effective Tips for dealing with a newborn child

    Many mothers when they put the new born people hunt around how to deal with it, especially if the first-born.

When a person is responsible for the full responsibility of a small object he can not even say what he wants not easy, so we will discuss in this article the most important things that will help you deal with your child, and he needs to understand and Freddie.

1. Understanding the reason for the crying baby

Newly born baby meets the desires of your way Ante, so try to understand Mairead movements issued by or even crying, you have your child’s well-control, especially in his early days, and attention for each Maasdrh of signals even Tsttiein with time well understood, nor avail difficult to deal with.

 Cries the child betrays many things, such as the desire to eat, changing diapers, and can also be issued for noise, so make sure to try to understand the reason for crying.

2. The need of the child for milk

Most important thing in the life of the baby, the first of his life is to eat his food, a child is in a constant state of growth, so it needs to be large amounts of milk, whether natural milk, or even industrial milk, So try to provide baby food doses suitable for him.

3. Child cleaner

Take care of the cleanliness of the Child, Katsak diapers are the things that bother the child, So try to be exchanged, also do not be upset when Adtarark to change the diapers after every meal, in fact it is a healthy sign that the child eat all the necessary elements, usually the child needs to switch diapers from 8 to 10 times a day.

4. necessary vaccinations for children

Take care of vaccinations and make sure to take your child every Maihtaj him of vaccinations and check-ups, which takes a week after a private birth, such as vaccinations against polio and others.

5. very quiet place to sleep child

Must be the baby a quiet room, with soft lighting suitable for him, also be careful not to use a pillow to sleep on even up to the age of one year, it is very important to care when carrying an infant, and upload status correct so as not to hurt the spine, it is important to also wrap Child and attached in a way that they can feel safe and comfortable.

6. safety of baby teeth

Some mothers think that the interest in small teeth from the moment of their appearance, but this is not good, Concern must be even before they appear, it must concern gum and clear of cotton soaked after each dose feeding to ensure the safety of teeth.

7. fondling the child and play with him

Playing with a child is very important,the environment around it, and learn how to move and interact with others, especially in the first few months in which the baby interacts with her mother, he feels Plumsthe distinguishes her voice and face.

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