7 Benefits to practice intimacy after the age of forty


    Intimacy is one of the highest of relations between humans and are granted special happier if they practice were related to real love.

And rumored among the people that the intimacy you need to do mental and physical effort and for this they will be at its best with a young age because the man is young and strong and women are beautiful and exciting and alluring.

And is also rumored that the intimacy less whenever human progress in life but family Chancellor names Hifzi see – based on several studies and experiments seen Alleha- should not be neglected intimacy in old age and abstinence for a long time and it being a refreshing mental state and physical with the two partners.

In this article we offer you 7 benefits to the practice of intimacy after forty.

Burn calories:

The burn a lot of calories and improve heart health and protect against heart attack and based on observation of a number of older individuals, researchers have confirmed that those who engage in intimacy frequently have a lower health problems such as heart and arteries by up to five and forty percent of the other senior age who do not practice it regularly.

– Boost the immune system’s ability: 

Increase the ability of the immune system, which contributes to maintaining a healthy body and I have found several studies that the practice of intimacy twice a week is associated with high levels of antibodies called immune Alomanoglobolinat, which protect the body from colds and infections name.

– Retard aging:

Retard aging does not precipitate out as is common among many practice of intimacy will not consume the same amount of energy consumed by the body when the rise of two floors, for example, do not cause injury to any health problems, but if one partner is infected with heart disease, then he has to consult a doctor.

– Remove the stress: 

Working to remove the psychological tension because then the body secrete a hormone dopamine, which fights stress hormones and endorphins the body also secretes a hormone called the name of the happiness hormone, as well as pineal gland produces the hormone oxytocin, which improves desire.

– Adjust blood pressure rate:

Adjusts blood pressure experiments have been conducted in Paisley University has shown that interest in the exercise of intimacy is to reduce high blood pressure.

– Strengthen the pelvic muscles of the women: 

Strengthen the pelvic muscles in women who were exercising frequently, which reduces the incidence of urinary incontinence in the great age.

– Dealing with insomnia: 

And help to sleep because the body secretes the hormone oxytocin during occurrence of orgasm, which helps you sleep better and that this hormone saves weight and blood pressure at the best level

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