7 Advice to treat stress and anxiety quickly

    Everyone goes through difficult times feel the tension, anxiety and fear of the unknown or of a particular subject from whom anyone  it was and there are others who are living a precarious life for various reasons and suffer from problems and psychological pressures, whether at work or at home.

And some of them can overcome cans that feeling and some of them can not, especially if this feeling was caused by a large envelope in life they just give up and feel Palanhzam and suffering from a lot of stress, anxiety and fear has been bitter up to their frustration and inability to control.

The tension is a feeling of great satisfaction because of the emotional experience unpleasant make a person feel upset and always preoccupied with the idea of ​​also feel fear or threat of unwarranted.

We review for you in this article the main symptoms of stress and anxiety and necessary tips to get rid of them.

Somatic symptoms:

– Headaches.

-alasbah Severe difficulty concentrating.

-alhaour Tired and confused.

-altarq And abdominal pain.

-gsh In the throat and insomnia.

-aarad Accompanied by some diseases as:




-heart attack.

Psychiatric symptoms:

-mchaar Approaching death.

-algill Unjustified.

-assaobh In focus.

-mchakl During sleep.

-alaratbat Center of human populations.

– Of Actions that help man to restore calm and overcome this situation:

– Chewing gum:

Studies have shown that chewing gum helps reduce the level of cortisol hormone known tension.

– cold water:

Where the hands and the area behind the ears contain the arteries re relax.

– Honey:

Because it contains components working to reduce the inflammation, which translates to boil the mind of depression, anxiety, tension, so when feeling cramps in the body to address some of the white honey.

– Communicate with others:

Participation rid rights of a large part of the stress and feelings of anxiety or stress and can ease the troubles of life and Assistant to see things from different ways and angles.

– self control:

Possess self control Whatever the difficulty always know that all things end and every problem has a solution but negative thinking towards it never solved, but makes it worsen and make matters worse is the process control in itself a state of empowerment and crucial part of the search for solutions to the satisfaction of the person.

– Activity:

Physical activity adds to the human condition of serenity mental, psychological and makes him able to identify the causes of tension and to find appropriate solutions, so you must exercise consistently, it does not make sense the tension disappears, but restricts it and reduce it also refines ideas, allowing people to deal with their problems quietly Larger.

– Avoid some unhealthy habits:

  smoking, alcohol and caffeine is where men are more likely than women to do the calling habits and avoidance theory, while women tend to seek support from the social circle surrounding.

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