6 signs of puberty in males and the most important causes of delayed puberty in males


     Male and female, both of which are undergoing different stages of age, which differs from the form of their bodies, their thinking, their personalities, their behavior. The two are going through childhood and adulthood and adolescence and young adulthood, and finally, of course, developments and requirements for each stage.

We review for you in this article the most important signs of puberty in males.

– What is the stage of puberty:

Puberty is the stage where the male moves from being a little boy to a boy on the outskirts of adolescence, and is considered the normal age who is the boy in it formatted to attain is the third tithe years of age and delayed to the sixth tenth year, this means that the child has at a later age for the girl that of the beginning of eleven years.

– Signs of puberty:

The boy’s thereto after signs of entering a new phase in which leads to his physical changes, the entire structure even on the genitals as well as physiological changes in his voice and other …

1. Milt: (Semen)

But the most important signs of puberty when the male is a wet dream, and I mean to come out of the boy semen during sleep and usually what happens is that the dreams of the boy as if he will contact the sexual with the girl and when he woke up to find traces of his semen ambitious goals knows he has reached.

2. pubic hairs:

After the emergence of the capillaries in the beginning on the pubic at the base of the penis and usually have this hair sleek, compact and concentrated in this region only, but it is getting later stages when puberty is complete.

3. increase penis size:

Members of your device starts mentioning reproductive increasing in size from the beginning of the testicles which increase their size and be one of them slightly slanted more than the other, and could feel the boy at this time some of the pain as a result of their increased size.

4. appearance of hair in all parts of the body:

Hair appears in all of the body not only as we mentioned at the top in the reproductive system, but appear under the armpits and on the hands and legs, and it appears the mustache, and the beard hair starts to grow, too, we find that the same body size starts to grow and grow muscles and takes the form of the boy’s, who did not The child, standing, weight and height.

5. Acne:

 The appearance of acne as a result of changing hormones.

6. dealing with the opposite sex:

 The boy felt a desire to deal with the opposite sex and mixing it.

However, puberty may be delayed in some children and be for several reasons, including:

 – Hereditary reasons:

 Chronic diseases affect puberty.

– Low male hormone:

 A decrease in male hormones, genitals for any injury or inflammation of exposure.

– Brain diseases:

Diseases of the brain reduces the secretion of hormones of puberty.

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