6 signs confirm that the man is not suitable for you

    Who does not dream of finding a twin soul, her fiance, her companion, her partner? There is no doubt that all women, without exception, even secretly dream about this among themselves. Sometimes this urgent desire to involve us in relationships with people who are totally unsuitable for us leads us to suffer more than we do! The question you must ask now is how do I know if my lover is a man who is not suitable for me?

There is no doubt that every girl draws in her imagination at some point in her life specifications of her dream dreams. To find out later about these specifications in every man you meet before you connect a relationship with him. But with time and with our emotional experiences, we often find ourselves involved in relationships with people far removed from our preconception of our ideal partner without realizing it.

This can be explained by the fact that sometimes we follow our feelings and desires without giving ourselves time to make sure that the person before us is right for us and how much we agree as individuals. Sometimes we make concessions at the beginning of the relationship, although we realize the vast difference between us and the other party, letting ourselves know that the partner will someday change. Unfortunately, all these wishes are just illusions. Either the person is right for us or not, there is no third possibility. So the fundamental question is how can you be sure if the person you chose is suitable? Here are six signs that reveal this to you.

1 – does not appreciate you

You need to be proud of yourself and have confidence in yourself. In this sense, you should not let anyone downgrade or diminish your respect, because mutual respect is the right way to build a balanced relationship. The person who does not hesitate to hurt his harsh remarks about how your weight increased or that your friend looks smaller and more beautiful than you or the person who boasts of the girls who are chasing him and that you are lucky to be with you as if you bully yourself no doubt he does not appreciate you. Whatever your love for the other party, respect and appreciation must be a place between you.

2 – fanatic opinion

Many men believe that their dialogue and discussion with their wife diminishes their interest and diminishes their masculinity, even if they take their opinion in something that never applies even if they are sure that the opinion is correct. This type of man is difficult to live with. He is often self-centered. He devotes all his efforts to achieving what he sees as true. So do not expect the decision to share with you even if this is a definite decision in your life together.

3 – Much doubt and jealousy

It is true that jealousy is the salt of the emotional relationship, but when it exceeds the limit becomes a sword that threatens to destroy the relationship, especially if the doubt. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the man you are associated with is moderate and not very skeptical, and it is important to have mutual trust between you. Choose the person who can control his or her other without being choked with suspicion. You probably say in your circle now, “On the contrary, I love his jealousy over me” but make sure that over time, with this increasing jealousy, you will not be able to endure. It is no secret to anyone how much relationship was destroyed due to suspicion and excess jealousy.

4 – poor 

Abstinence is not related to the marital relationship with physical wealth only, but rather to the immoral in giving moral and love and attention to wife and children. Although each party tries in the period of acquaintance or engagement to show the characteristics of benign, but it must be aware of the presence of any indications of the status of the poor in this person. If you do not do that, you may change later and find yourself in front of someone who is emotionally and materially difficult to live with.

5. The narcissist

It is important to be confident, but there is a fine line between self-confidence and narcissism. People who grow up with the ego are always arrogant and love to be alone in their decisions. I control their perception of others. If your partner is narcissistic, unfortunately your life will be hell with him! You will always be his last concern and bottom of the list of priorities, he will never take your opinion. You will not have a married life based on partnership. Your role will be your happiness, but your happiness does not matter.

6. Do not respect your family

No one will force your future spouse to love your family but it is necessary that they have a minimum of respect. If you do not respect your family, this will make you think a lot about choosing between them, which will aggravate the relationship between you. So choose from the start the person who respects you and your family, who show gratitude to your family, which otherwise would not have the opportunity to know you are who contributed to make you the person you are now.

In general, you should not be too quick to choose the partner you will spend the rest of your life with. The admiration alone is not enough, because marriage is a crucial decision that must be built on firm and rational foundations.

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