6 must have the qualities to attract the knight of your dreams


Many women wonder what makes it exciting in the eyes of the other party, are strong  attractor or the color of her eyes or her hair or dress sense ?, are often attracted to the other party to the exterior but it is not the sole factor for the attraction of men towards women.

Studies have shown that there are no other specifications in the women attract men to them, including: some women cheerful and their culture and their courage in some situations as well as Rguethn.

We review for you in this article the most important qualities that attract him some through Persia dreams.

– Listen well:

Men prefer women that are good to listen, you must take the problems seriously and try with him to find appropriate solutions.

– Self confidence:

The man loves women characterized by strong personality does not try to be seeing you weak, thinking that this will attract the man you but a fascinating show of your pride and your respect suppose with a move away from excessive shyness.

– Humor:

 Analysis is always a smile on your face and bitch about exactly what caused the Grouch.

– Excess interest:

The man likes to take care of women and coddling and that makes him concerned with the first and last even if pretended to do so

– Show awareness:

  Try to always show how your culture and your knowledge of a lot of things fled talking about clothing and make-up for your friends and try to show him the seriousness of other aspects of your personality.

– Other recipes:

There are recipes more attractive I have women for men, ranging from most attractive to least attractive comes a sense of fun and humor, not to oppose the head of the other party, the follow-up to the event throughout the session while ensuring that the Do not be so many words, listed personal details of life for as together, the right to express ideas , stare into the eyes of your partner.

And also the movement and adapt to the air excessive shyness will turn against you, enjoy the tone soft voice, shook his head to agree to his opinion, in addition to the shoulder shaking all Llano, comes the fall from the chair to draw attention last thing that draws the other party to you with a negative comment his words….

There is a theory that the universe responds to the specifications of Persia dreams where you you ask a man certain specifications who shall drag you but you can not fool the universe, he knows what is inside you and what does not pronounce it, virtual captives example, in your childhood you probably brunette stood up one of your friends to mock your color will keep it stuck in your mind until you have an aversion generated from the brown-skinned and the same thing applies to other qualities such as greed, profession and others.

Falcon gives you the opportunity to set the meter to your partner so you should be doing to correct what is inside you of objections and correct outlook and concepts about the concerns that you are suffering, when they are doing that it will submit to you a person completely identical to what you dream of doing.

It is worth mentioning that there is a type of women that you hear what the man wants to hear, believing she’s doing it right, but the concept is wrong I have some women.

Men do not like easy women, but always vaguely they want and find joy in deciphering gas is and out of the ordinary so if he asks a man what you like So be honest and look beautiful story and think quite frankly When is the debate antagonism views become more exciting to agree with him on everything, making talk repeater and boring.

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