6 factors to prevent you from enjoying a good sex life


      There are many reasons and habits which lead to the intimate relationship which makes the failure of one of the parties, if not both, is unwilling to complete the relationship and aversion to them later. In our article of the day we will reveal to you some of these habits and jointly and each of the men and women of responsibility in them.

1. thinking during intimacy causing stress:


This factor applies to both spouses in spite of man’s psyche for women’s differing multiplicity think about how to establish a relationship and how to make it work and what to do and the fear of failure. And look at the other party and the extent of satisfaction, as well as estimating the other end of the effort expended or not all of these factors lead to tension and psychological discomfort and not to relax what lead to the failure of the relationship and not wanting to be completed.
Thinking in negative things attracted more.

2. shyness at the beginning of intimacy:

From the nature of women feeling ashamed of the sexual relationship, and here the role of men in the deal positively and understanding that comes ysharha containment and safety assured and even allow him to complete the relationship delight and satisfaction. The other aspect of the problem is that the man felt by some moments of shame that did not find encouragement from his wife, he represents the biggest obstacle in front of the main and perhaps such relationships.

3. seriousness kill the desire for intimacy:

Dealing with intimacy seriously as a job or a task that must be completed is a big mistake a lot of couples is what encases their relationship framework of inertia, drought and turning to meet the physical dynamic with no feelings or joy, and to be in a sexual relationship between the couple that preceded and interspersed among other things, it serves as a garnish or hors d’oeuvres of the relationship, such as soft kisses and touches tendered and hugging the other notice of security.

As well as the couple exchanged some spinning and Whispering kind words and phrases that would break the silence and emotional inertia and thus the saturation comprehensive sexual and emotional levels.

4. Self spoil the intimacy loss of confidence:

Diminished self-confidence has been completely non-existent if a couple has focused on the physical disadvantages and fears of lack of acceptance of the other party has been moving like this feeling to their partner than Anfarh him inadvertently, so it has to be positive thinking and accept the self as it is, trust fully that there is not a person completely. And that the presence of the neighborhood any flaws fade.

5. stereotypical trap and follow the same method always:

Maintain a fixed date for the establishment of the relationship is like working hours to keep alive a totally invalidates any relationship, but it’s simpler than that it must be free from under the fixed deadlines can be the relationship the first week and the middle and the end of any time of the day if you find the desire for that day or night.

Also getting used to the couple on specific sexual positions kills the fun and excitement and hard scientifically known that a couple may prefer a situation or two specifically. However, we recommend that you enter some change and choose and try out new sexual positions for more fun.

6. fabricate a sense of saturation and ecstasy:

   Of the highlights of the psychological problems which women are specifically fabricate a sense of saturation and claim access to a fun inside they did not know their way yet. That causes a conflict between the deceiving psychologically terrible husband and injustice psychology. This in turn makes it a failed sex would never enjoy as well as a sense of the husband and his sense of whether enjoying or not they can not deceive him, so it is advisable to discuss the couple with satisfaction together and that women are reluctant to be honest with her husband of what you want until you reach the highest levels of pleasure and euphoria.

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