6 cosmetic aesthetic gives the skin refreshed throughout the winter

    With low temperatures and exposure to air dry, your skin becomes dry and pale, which increases the need for a special routine to moisturize and care during the cold season. Drought and cracks the skin is more disturbing nightmares that inspire women through the winter. But follow the basic steps of skin care lotions and choose the appropriate aesthetic for your skin type, you’ll be able undoubtedly pass this period without any negative effects on your skin.

Discover the most important aesthetic lotions that you need to protect your skin during the winter.

1. Hydration multiplier

With wear more clothes during the winter, your skin also needs hydration multiplier. Make sure to apply moisturizing lotions in successive layers, use a serum, moisturizer and lotion, and followed the sun visor. Use those lotions twice daily, morning and night to get rid of fine lines and pores of the skin to give you a natural glow permanently.

Try to use moisturizing lotions:

Serum skin from Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum $ 42.
Karim moist Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal $ 90.
Solar condom La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid $ 30.

2. Use a skin oils

    Many of us might think that the use of oils on the face is odd, but nevertheless they are of the most important tricks that give your skin necessary hydration, especially during the winter. Oils not only help moisturize the skin, but they are working to tighten Atraladtha and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Mix one drop of oil with a facial moisturizer and Karimk Observe stunning results.


Seal Holder Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil 17 $

3. peeling skin in moderation

Of the more factors that cause skin damage and increase the dry peeling is excessive and violent, which may worsen to cause irritation to the skin. If you notice redness or peeling skin, choose a peeled combinations rich in lactic acid, fruit acids or jojoba particles, nor Tstkhaddmiha for more than once a week. Also, avoid the use of harsh Almakecrat containing strong acids Khamad glycolic, rich in sugar or salt and Almakecrat.

Try to use:

Peeled skin Garnier Clean + Invigorating Daily Scrub 6 $.

4. Take care of your lips well

During moisturizing facial skin before going to sleep, do not forget to moisturize your lips as well. Choose a moisturizer balm for lips with a rich combination of medical oils and beeswax to Tharba cracks and dead skin.

Try to use:

Kiehl’s Lip Balm 7 $.

5. body moisturizing and protecting

Choose a hydrating combination of body lotion or cream moisturizer suitable for protection firm before going to sleep. Sprinkle a thin layer of moisturizer on your hands and your feet to protect them from drought and harshness.


KOS Cream With 3 Teas Moisturizing and Anti aging Body Cream € 49

6. moisturize and clean the skin at the same time

Onoag detergent gel foam skin lotion leave your skin drier, Vthtoa those types on the chemical elements of harsh. Choose fixtures creamy or oily to clean and moisturize the skin at the same time, these products contain moisturizing elements working to replace lost moisture. You can also use some of the products as well as an alternative to the make-up remover.


KOS Camellia Flower Cleansing & Moisturizing Oil for Face & Eyes € 36

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