5 Tips for convenient carrying and healthy ( Healthy pregnancy )


     Suffer a lot of pregnant women from the multiplicity of conflicting advice to maintain the safety of pregnancy and fetal health problems, and bought some of these tips may threaten the health of the mother and fetus.

Life magazine offered in this article is a set of tips to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy free from health problems that threaten the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy to carry a quiet and comfortable period.


Of the health problems facing many of the pregnant women, exposure to sickness, which is caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body, so experts recommend that eating ginger and avoid stomach remain empty, rushed eating a daily cup of ginger and Enjoy eating vegetables and fruits Side meal between meals to enjoy sleep quiet day free of nausea.

the movement

The practice of movement during the pregnancy of the things that are recommended by many of the pregnancy experts period, the woman is the case not sick nor Pregnancy is a barrier to their movement, some experts have advised the need to exercise for pregnant women and different light aerobics to ensure a healthy pregnancy, helping some exercise during the period pregnancy to facilitate the process of pregnancy.


May worry a lot of pregnant women from the problem of weight gain after pregnancy as a result of eating many meals to help the child to grow properly, this is a natural Increasing weight after pregnancy is inevitable as a result of certain hormones in the body disorders, and are advised to adhere to the work of medical tests and analyzes crisis to identify the elements needed by the body and in excess of his needs, and this does not mean to stay away from exercise practice of sport is essential to enjoy the body healthy and free of fat stored after the end of pregnancy, which is the main reason for weight gain after pregnancy.

Daily habits

To ensure for your good health and your baby’s safety during pregnancy you have to stay away from unhealthy habits that are harmful to their health and affect the fetus passive, such as smoking or positive, that is, you get away from the smoke-filled places period so as to impact on the health of the fetus, as you follow a few healthy habits as eating fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy eating foods that contain preservatives and a large amount of fat and calories kinetic materials and those of the impact of food on a child’s development.


You feed your body the elements it needs, especially those foods that help to nourish the fetus elements needed during the growing period, and those fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber and whole grain food, then food will help to cure the problem of constipation experienced by mothers during pregnancy especially the latter.

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