5 keys to understand the character of the man, discover

    Every woman needs to understand the keys of her man’s personality to communicate better and to achieve a successful relationship.

If you really want to understand a man you have to take into account motional relationships and their consequences, especially willing to build a healthy relationship with a man you can understand and understand. Away from problems and quarrels, which often arise from the lack of understanding of each other and the failure of bridges of communication between you.


Once you understand yourself as a first step, you must now understand and understand the fundamental differences between men and women that we will help you identify. The most important thing is to be able to absorb these differences on the basis of which you will discover a set of things, which will certainly change the reactions of your actions towards the different behaviors of your partner.

1. The man needs his own space

Men often need a personal space, because they are not used to discussing their problems with others or asking for help and support. If you notice that your husband or loved one has not discussed his personal issues with you, do not take this personal away, go back and give him enough time. Do not take it personally, it does not try in any way to keep you away from life. All in all, our societies prefer not to show feelings in men and for that reason make them conservative people who prefer to maintain some privacy in their emotional lives, even if it is about their partner and companion.

2. Visual stimulation and concentration

Men are more attentive to visual stimulation and are more appropriate than women to respond to visual signals. As a result you may find that men prefer to see a map to understand directions to hear directions in an audio format. Try not to get upset by this and accept it as a basic class in men.

The same is true when it comes to work, noting that the way men deal with work is very different from women. Men tend to be more focused on completing a specific task, while women are more focused on how they are used to accomplishing this task.

3. Feelings and emotions

It must be recognized that men can not always identify emotions as quickly as women, since women are better at classifying and reading emotions because this is not desirable in men in our societies. So do not expect a man to read your mind and understand your feelings without revealing them. If you are upset or angry about something, tell your partner about your feelings directly without disguising. This way you will cut the road and you will certainly avoid misunderstanding and further complicate the fundamental problem.

Do not forget that men are more resistant to show emotion and feelings. However, this does not mean that they have no feelings and ability to empathize or give love and express it. So do not be surprised that a man does not express his feelings in a clear way.

4 – Beauty and the external form

Not only appearance and beauty is what attracts men to women despite its importance. A woman’s mind, thinking and ability to have a good conversation are also important for men. A man is naturally attracted to a powerful woman who is confident of herself, although you may hear the opposite of your surroundings. So make an effort to show a strong, attractive personality for yourself in the first place. Do not forget that the most important thing is how satisfied you are with your character, in which you will gain the love and admiration of others.

5 – blame and lack of confidence

Men do not like to blame them and their followers. So be smart enough to point out the problem and offer alternative solutions, challenge your partner Dom Lome for all these problems. This will ensure that the problem is resolved and not repeated in the future
Also, a man needs to feel that he is a person of trust and responsibility, so do not underestimate his views. This is one of the most important reasons for the failure of many relations and reaching a dead end.

In the end, be patient in your attempt to understand and understand the personality and nature of the man and to understand the obvious differences between you to be able to deal with him in the best way possible so as not to be in the dilemma of choosing the wrong person on the basis of the wrong.gender differences


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