18 of Our Favorite Movie Couples

       There are the obvious expert couples like laptops and Noah who loves the extent of the ideal life, but I’m less interested in the couples who are destined to be together and more in those who are not only together anyway. Check out 20 pairs of my favorite movies, and if your favorite is not here, add yours in the comments!

Carl and Ellie, and even
I could have done without the scenes balloon up and away and screamed happily through the whole film is about Carl and Ellie.

Andy and Trish, 40-year-old virgin
I was expecting that the 40-year-old virgin to be around him braking the first time, but instead it was a love story charming and complex, stateless.

Bella and Edward, Twilight
How can you resist? They’re both gorgeous, and their personalities are in desperate can not eat-sleep can not love.

Kat and Patrick 0.10 Things I Hate About You
They are outsiders. They hate each other. Finally, they recognize that they be broken. What was not there to love about Kat and Patrick in 10 Things I Hate About You?

Robbie and Julia, wedding singer
After seeing all of the trapped in a miserable relationship, you can only root for Ruby adorable and Julia.

Jamie and Aurelia, love of truth
10, or even love stories of love shooting in fact may make it sickly sweet, but the romance between novelist and Portuguese waitress is beautiful indeed.

Clementine and Joel, Eternal Sunshine of the mind Tahir
Drama, and fun, and the heartbreak of Clementine and Joel keep you intertwine You can find out WTF is going on in Eternal Sunshine of the mind even patches.

Ed and Sandra, a big fish
While the relationship that makes you cry in the big fish between father and son, and a picture-perfect romance between the young Ed and Sandra looks like a dream. Maybe it’s because it is!

Cecilia and Robbie, atonement
How it can last the life of a very beautiful tragically so catastrophic innocently? With one inquisitive little girl, apparently! But the love between these two is forbidden by class on every bit true. The Perfect Storm!

Jack and Ennis, Brokeback Mountain
Once again a love story with a sad ending. Not to mention the acceptance by the community, Brokeback Mountain is about two men who struggles to accept their love for each other.

Michael Hanna, reader
Yes, it’s a Nazi and sexual exploitation of children, but the complex relationship much as it is sweet. Even after they are grown up and discovers her past, and he is still loyal and visit her in prison until her death.

Bob and Charlotte, lost in translation
“Please do not let them get along,” I thought throughout this entire movie. Most fortunately, they do not. However, the unity of mutual love between them is even better than the couple together more story.

Lee and Mr. Gray, Secretary
This film may be best known for the scene every man preferred gender, but it also holds the secret of a successful marriage: do what works.

Margot and Richie, and Royal Tenenbaums
Well, Margot and Richie may be brother and sister adopted, but they are the only people who understand each other in this wonderful film messed up.

Vicky and Juan, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
As much as I adored Scarlett Johansson directed neurotic Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz psychoticness comprehensive, I had to eliminate two of the least likely to fall in love.

Oskar and Eli, and let the right one in
There is no shine, or dietary restrictions, or the day of the vampire Eli, but there is a real friendship with her neighbor Oscar in this flick seduce the Swedish men. Let’s hope in the American remake of blood also.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and The Young Victoria
It’s no secret that we love and Young Victoria, but we also love the couple under the crowns. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert lived at a time when it was an arranged marriage-Qaeda, but they have found each other and love on their terms.

Alvy and Annie, Annie Hall
Maybe Alvy and Annie did not work out, but Alvy one learns the most important lesson one can take away from the relationship: I’m glad I have had in my life and I did.

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