15 reason and advice for the loss of belly fat in women


     Many women suffer from the presence of  belly fat area, which will not increase them above their age, and lose their self-confidence.

 And  belly fat is a fat accumulation in the abdomen and waist, scientific truth is that fat there with the child since its birth in this region, but when you eat foods containing high levels of fat stored in this area and lead to the emergence and the emergence of the abdomen.

   It provides you with your magazine in this article the most important reasons that lead to the emergence of abdominal fat, and how to get rid of them quickly.

the reasons:

– laziness, Lethargy and lack of physical exertion of the main reasons for the emergence of abdominal fat.

-Neglecting Strenuous exercises for the entire body, especially the neglect of abdominal exercises.

The situation of psychological tension and anxiety, and physical condition of a muscle strain lead to the formation abdominal fat.

– Lack of metabolic and slow burning of fat.

– Take Large amounts of food at the same batches.

–  The presence of a large amount of fluid and the air inside the abdomen is the most important causes that eating certain foods that are working on this, especially fast food.

–  Eat  Large meals between meals, the body can not digest all the income from food.

– Drinking  Water during eating or even before and immediately after, leading to the emergence of the abdomen and be abdominal fat.

– The presence of Swelling and gases in the abdomen helps the formation of abdominal fat.

You should not get rid of all abdominal fat because it makes a person very bad and forbidden from wearing what they want from clothes and affect the psyche, which makes a person want to hide from others, may be forced not to attend the events because it does not find what suits him for wearing it.

 But her major damage on health, where fitness less than a person can not do a lot of business, and the person becomes more susceptible to diseases, including type II diabetes, heart disease and arterial disease and strokes in addition to high blood pressure.

To get rid of belly fat should follow certain dietary habits such as:

– Avoid foods that cause gas gathering and stomach bulges including onions, garlic, beans, broccoli, cabbage, and balls.

– Away from any tension or psychological stressors such as anxiety disorders or even Alnomih because they lead to fat to accumulate in the abdomen.

– Exercise is very important to get rid of belly fat.

–  Avoidance From eating large meals at night, avoid foods filled with sugars, use less oil in the food.

– Take Fruits and vegetables constantly, drinking enough water throughout the day, including at least two liters a day.
Avoid fast food and fried foods, eating non-fatty proteins, and minimize the starches.

– Can Use apple cider vinegar added to the water in order to eliminate belly fat, as can massage the abdomen with a mixture of oils (cinnamon, rose, thyme, Wallflowers, mint, lily, narcissus) in order to reduce abdominal fat.

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