12 mistakes Avoid nail polish during the application yourself

12 mistakes Avoid nail polish during the application yourself

  Nails reflect the extent of interest in your beauty and your style, but to face it frankly .. Continuously frequenting beauty salons nail expensive in terms of time and money, so the resort a lot of women to pay attention to themselves, but what you distinguish competent saloons, and why do not you get the same result at home ?

 Well … there are 12 errors nail polish you avoided during the application on your own:


1. Not washing your hands before applying nail polish may affect the smooth flow of the nail polish dries and thus will not polished and consistent manner, because of the presence of traces creams or because of the natural oils secreted by the body.

2. The lack of attention to remove the skin surrounding  use a wooden promises to peel and pay the skin around the nail matrix.

3. Develop a lot of nail polish on the nails, and badminton. Pour off the excess paint on the featherweight class and then paint on your nails, and  badminton in one direction, starting with the center of the nail and not its root.

4. The application of nail polish on the nails without directly laying the foundation beneath a layer of transparent paint.

5. Cut exaggerated appendages skin surrounding the nail. Be careful of is sometimes enough simply to pay this skin harp’s wooden.

6. lack of refinement before placing nails nail polish gives nails is polished gloss zigzagging.

7. attempt by drying nail polish, blow dry or cold water, as this will cause bubbles distort the nail polish.

8. Non-peeling old nail polish:

   Peeling old nail polish for hands spoil the shape of your hand and makes it look bad, it is best that has been used “acetone”, because it leaves a smooth and free your nails from any traces of paint the old nails, and allows you to set the new color and shows nicely

9.Non-use of beneficial oils of the nail:

There is a belief among many women that the use of oils and creams in abundance on the nail area affects it negatively, and this is not true at all, so you have to pay attention to such a mistake.

10.Do not choose inferior types of nail polish:

Also affects poor choice of types of nail polish in the form of hands, and may have a bad effect on your nails later, it is best to choose the best types even seeing you nicely.

11.Non-use “chiller” after placing nail polish:

More than the mistakes that a lot of these women, which may make the nail is good shape, it is necessary to do this step by the “manicure” status in order to be complete and wonderful views.

12.Not to mix different colors of nail polish:

It is possible that this is a major sin to be committed by the right nail polish, a set of mixing colors together to get another color. In the end, the results will be very bad and will not do you get any color no matter how you try.

  This highlights mistakes nail polish, avoid and You will get a beautiful nails.


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