12 important not know that the iPhone headset implemented


     User surprised when you find out that there are multiple tasks to the iPhone headphones, it may be helpful to some, you, the most important of those tasks:

1) Once you press the headset button once in the middle during the delivery of the phone will run a music clip from the music player or from any other application available on the phone.

2) When you press the headset button again is stop the music section to temporarily when turned on again.

3) pressure twice in a row on the headset adequately button to turn on the next song directly.

4) the pressure three times in a row on the headset button re-occupy the song from the beginning, or play the song that preceded it directly.

5) pressing twice on the headset button with the pressure in the last time the continuation of work to make the song forward to skip a particular section.

6) the pressure three times in a row on the headset button while still holding the last time (HOLD) is working on the re-song Back To listen to a previous clip.

7) When you receive a phone call, press the headset button once to receive the call and respond to them.

8) When you receive another call, press the headset button once to answer the second call and put the first call on hold.

9) to ignore Integrating second final press the headset button and hold for two seconds until ignore the call altogether.

10) When you receive a phone call you can press the headset button twice to be converted into voice mail.

11) to run the application Siri, the user must hold the headset button until the application is opened automatically.

12) can open the camera application and pressure against the provision for volume control button to capture images and save them to the phone.

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