11 advice to get rid of stress and depression quickly


     During our lives we are exposed to many of the pressures and the causes of depression and a lot of problems that can not be solved and affect our mental health.

 Provides you with your magazine in this article some of the habits and methods that may affect the mental health

important tips save you from situations of tension and depression:

– Genetics:

Genetics play an important role in the incidence of nervous.

– Integration with the community:

The lack of interaction with the community makes it less flexible mind.

– the disease:

The body is healthy or unhealthy increases the symptoms of depression, as a study in the hospital conducted a mental health on 203 women who were overweight and ranging in age from 40 to 65 and then for a year, and has been noted that women have been able to get rid of excess weight also got rid of the depression.

– aloomaja 3:

Not eating omega-3 increases the likelihood of depression.

 – Excessive anxiety:

– Anxiety Overload affects the health of the heart and circulatory system as well.


  And you can by following these steps remove the symptoms of stress and depression:

 – The rapid achievement of the tasks:

 If you are the principle owners today do not leave for tomorrow will feel comfortable.

–  Soothing drinks:

 If you suffer from discomfort and tension Try eating a soothing drinks like (star anise -Mint – milk with cinnamon).

– Reading and music :

Practice your favorite activity such as reading or listening to music.

– Get enough rest:

Get enough time to rest for an hour or two is also within working hours and do not necessarily sleep but it is possible to exercise anything else.

Smart scents :

As it is well known that the pleasant scents help alleviate tensions, such as lavender and sandalwood.

There are some foods that help to improve mood, including:

– Tea:

Tea and historically known to have the ability to improve mood.

– Fruit and vegetables:

Fruit and vegetables where you must replace sweets with fruit and vegetables, which contain antioxidants and fiber and to regulate blood sugar in the body.

– Proteins:

Proteins, where should our daily diet containing 20% ​​protein.

– aloomaja 3:

Rich acids Omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon and tuna and sardines and nuts

– Chocolate:

 Also of special foods very own favorite foods and the majority of women are chocolate, it handled 50 g of dark chocolate reduces the stress hormone ratio.

– Cocoa chocolate drink:

   Cocoa also contains serotonin and dopamine and is happiness hormones, and is pure in the form of pills or scattered pieces or powder, one of the most nutrient-packed foods, cocoa is also the advantage that it reduces depression, improves memory and concentration. So sure to do whatever makes you happy and avoid as much as possible all causes of tension and anger and depression

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