10 tips to resolve and avoid marital problems in the first year


    Any couple undergoing otherwise my husband especially at the beginning of the marriage because of the different printing and thinking and lifestyle, and others, and this variation of the natural things in the marriage so should not worry that these differences occur.

 Statistics help where differences to understand the other party after more understanding and to talk and discussion quietly and thus avoid the causes of the dispute and later becomes a solid ground later this marriage and there are many marital problems faced by any of the spouses, especially in the early years.

We review for you in this article the most important marital problems faced by the couple in the first year and how to avoid them.

– Transition state: 

Where husband and wife moves from bachelorhood to marriage and his responsibilities with not knowing how to behave in certain things, resulting in contention.

– interest:

Lack of interest from both sides for some, especially the husband.

– Family disputes:  

Family disputes between husband and wife and family that affect them.

– Financial problems:

Financial problems as the pair have the demands of filling the needs of his home.

– Intervention of one of the parties the family: 

Intervention by the family in the life of the couple.

– Stubbornness and the challenge between the couple: 

Challenge and stubbornness of the spouses to prove the validity of opinion and implementation.

–  Jealous:

Jealousy and that when it increases with increasing malaise.

There are many solving marital problems, for example, methods: 

– The couple must speak clearly about the problem and discussed calmly and not to wait for the other party to understand without explanation of the problem.

– When should a problem that takes both parties a period of calm until Asttien thinking about the problem and how to solve them, but should not drag on this period as the length of time hurts the couple and increases the gap between them. Occurrence

– One of the behaviors that increase the severity of the problem not an apology Party or non-acceptance of the other party to apologize, but the couple must apologize and accept the apology until the problem ends.

– Some of the problems in which the couple have the right to, but does not want any of the parties to make concessions to resolve the problem and the problem becomes a threat to their marriages, so the couple must speak calmly and make some concessions.

– Here are some of the methods that can be followed to avoid marital problems later:

– Time:

Pick a time to solve problems and to stay away from the time of anger

– Hurtful words:

Stay away from hurtful words and preferably impact within the two parties, so must choose words and words

– Instant point of weakness:

  A reminder to stay away from the other end point of weakness when it increases the problem.

– Candor:

Talk frankly about what each party can inside.

Love is like the flower or plant always need water to survive, and for the survival of love and maintain it on every party should try to please their partner and understandable, it should, for example, the renewal of each period, such as going out together or celebration events that affect them, the participation of each other the responsibilities and duties, you must maintain the privacy and not to speak with anyone outside the home, there must be time for the husband and wife each day to occur, and if for a short time, and last but not least, adapt to the defects the other party and know how to deal with it.

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