10 things you must know about the application of nail polish yourself at home


    There is no doubt that the nail polish of things so beloved of all women, as it is a special pleasure and helps to highlight the beauty and attractiveness of your hands. Although busy with your schedule and the lack of adequate time to go to beauty salons, but with some simple steps you can apply nail polish on your own at home. It’s simple and does not require only a few simple tools that you can have perfect nails  preferred.
Here are some things to know well to get a perfect manicure polish.

1. Do not give up the paint base

You may need a little more time, but it will give manicures attractive and stable for longer periods. It also helps you avoid discoloration of the nails , a nagging problem that many women face.

2. Choose the right color white

White nail polish from the basic colors that you need to own. But nevertheless, there are some grades of white that may not suit you with different combinations make  puzzled. When choosing white paint, be sure to choose Soft touch Ktavih combination, do not be shiny or light. You can test the appropriate color through the use of the brush and the work of a simple line inside the bottle paint slot, if the paint glossy or light evaluating not buy it.

3. Avoid types of quick-drying paint

Those types contain some elements that cause your nails dry and weaknesses.

4. Cold water for drying paint

Of the most successful tricks that will help you paint your nails dry quickly and save some time is dipping your hands in cold water for one minute duration.

5. For bright neon paint

If you want to have a neon nail polish, national distribution layer of white paint first, wait until dry, then put a layer of nationalist preferred coating for coating you get a more intense with constant color and colorful.

6. store nail polish correctly

Remember nail polish in the refrigerator helps you to get on a consistent long-lasting color, and also helps to protect the structure from damage resulting from exposure to excessive heat.

7. Do not do bottle coating tower

Shake the bottle instead of paint to get rid of air bubbles, national fold them several times between your hands while keeping them in a vertical position.

8. Avoid hot water

Never manicure you’ve had your hands and then my exposure to hot water for washing dishes or clothes. Hot water is the enemy of your nails, and nail polish causing damage and fading fast.

9. Choose paint enamel

Characterized by the types of enamel paint  steadily longer on the nails of the usual species.

10. Avoid species-rich paint remover with acetone

Acetone causes the exposed nails and drought damage, leading to cracks and broken nails with the passage of time. Choose a paint remover combinations that entirely devoid of acetone to strengthen nails and protection of brittle .

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