10 shocking facts about the gym

10 shocking facts about the gym
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 It considers the gym very interesting to a large segment of people who are reluctant to exercise the sport, but the new statistics confirmed that there are 10 shocking facts realized in gyms, next to unveil a whole new aspect about gyms, as follows:

  1. The size of the “banking balance” affects your gym habits: provided charitable health care “Nuffield” statistic, stating that persons with large entry are going to gyms, more than those on low incomes, where I found the study, which was conducted on nearly 1,600 people, with a frequency of less income to the gym for one hour per week, while a higher income, for three hours a week to go

  2. uses a number of people the gym to meet friends or search for the opposite sex: Organization “Cutler” conducted a study, carried out on nearly 2,000 subscribers, reached 50% of the pioneers of gyms, they may only go to meet friends, or search for sex other.

  3. gym goers consume more chocolate: research has shown a number of the global market, a large number of those who go to the gym indulges 18% of them in the chocolate.

  4. Genetics can make you hate the gym: there are a number of researchers at the University of “Iowa,” that people’s ability to withstand the pain and exercise, up nearly 50% of them due to genetic vulnerability, and who controls them cases mood more than physical.

  5. romance in the gym: I found a study by the Nuffield center, approximately 10.5% of the 2,000 people _khasawa have crowned their end of marriage, after their meeting in the gym.

  6. gym membership redundant: gyms revenues in 2009 to $ 19.5 billion, while is believed that 80% of Americans who have a gym membership does not use them.

  7. Number of has a membership of a gym: about four and a half million adults in the UK, “Britain” has memberships sports halls, while in America have nearly 45 million adults have a membership of a gym, or members of a health club.

  8. Number of users of gyms in the week: According to the read fitness for people on average, tends a large number of people to go to the gym twice a week.

  9. New Year’s Membership: a large segment of people to gyms go after New Year’s Eve directly, it seems, the 12% of all the members of the gym, after their participation in those gyms, but it will be a short period, after which a person stands for the presence of the lounge, the study did not exceed 24 weeks.

  10. lied to a large number of people they go to the gym: research conducted by “Cutler” Foundation pointed out that nearly 13 percent of the 2,000 people who participated in the study, they say falsely that they attend regularly go to the gym, but they are running away from the audience.


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