10 basic foods to stimulate hair growth


        At the moment however lifestyle changes and follow the diet unhealthy influenced by health and beauty dramatically. Hair and skin problems often cause you to feel embarrassed. Many of the remedies may be available whether natural or medical to get rid of such problems, but may not be effective enough in the case of non-availability of healthy nutrition. Pursuing a healthy diet and proper nutrition is the basis of getting rid of the hair and skin problems. Beauty starts from the inside! Always make sure to eat healthy foods that help to stimulate hair growth and strengthen the roots.

  We offer you this article through a comprehensive best foods that help to stimulate hair growth and lengthened the list of food items. Know it.

1. leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables are best for stimulating hair growth. Spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, and other foods are rich in nutrients that help hair growth. Eating leafy vegetables on a regular basis to ensure essential for hair growth and strengthen the roots, it effectively helps to prevent hair loss.

2. vegetables and fruits in general

The rest of the vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, papayas, bananas, onions, garlic and beans also helps to stimulate hair growth. It helps to strengthen the roots and scalp, which helps to stimulate blood circulation and blood flow properly to the scalp, which helps hair growth. Make sure to eat authorities or boiled vegetables and fruits during your diet to control hair problems.

3 nuts and dried fruits

Nuts and dried fruits greatly help hair growth. Almonds, dates, walnuts and figs are the best. Dates, figs rich elements iron, which helps to stimulate hair growth significantly when regularly addressed. The almond is rich in nutrients that help strengthen hair and increase its luster.

4. fish

Fish contain nutrients that help strengthen and shine to the hair and also stimulate growth. They contain fatty acids of the omega-3 which helps to nourish hair well. For people who prefer not to eat fish, they can instead taking supplements of cod liver oil.

5. bovine milk

Milk from the main sources of iron and calcium, making it the perfect food for hair growth. It is reflected the impact of those nutrients not only to strengthen bone health, but also on the hair. It helps to control hair loss and stimulate growth. Eat a cup of cow’s milk as an essential part of your daily diet to enjoy Assaa hair and shiny.

6. citrus fruits

Iron of the core elements for the growth of hair. But we simply do you eat sufficient quantities of iron during the day? Is the body can absorb well? Vitamin C is essential for the growth of hair, he is working on the speed of the body’s absorption of iron. Therefore it is of basic foods through the daily diet.

7. Soybeans

Protein sources of basic foods for hair growth. But for vegetarians, the alternative is eating soy as a source of vegetable protein. Where soybeans contain 40% protein, and is a perfect source for health fat also for hair growth.

8. Red meat

Red meat diet rich source of iron, zinc, vitamin B, which are all fundamental to the health of hair nutrients.

9. shrimp

If you can no longer eat red meat because of high cholesterol in the blood. You should find another source of protein. Shrimp contains a large proportion of protein, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. All of which are elements of the essential vitamins to prevent hair loss and brittleness.

10. water

It may be the water is not food but an essential and necessary for a healthy body. Valtrtaib necessary for the body helps to improve hair growth. It can also be eating natural juices to keep moisturizing body.

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